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Nike Go FlyEase Performance Review

nike go flyease

Nike Go FlyEase

The Nike Go FlyEase is one of the best shoes for the differently-abled community. We wish Nike would make it more accessible for those who need it.

Colorway: White/Celestine Blue-Volt

Release Date: April 30, 2021

Price: $120

Total Score
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The Nike Go FlyEase looks to be the most inclusive shoe of all time with its hands-free system. And because of that, we’re going to do something a little different with this review. Chris’ typical detailed look and review are included in the video above. But the text of this review comes from someone who needs what the Go FlyEase offers. Take it away Ryan:

I’m Ryan Jans. I was born with Cerebral Palsy and am physically differently-abled. My reviews (both here and on my own site) focus on ease of entry and accessibility for people like me. Thanks to another member of the WearTesters Discord community, I was able to secure a pair of the Go FlyEase.

After some good wear time, my review is ready. And yes, the format will be slightly different than what you’re used to but that’s 100% because the use case for this shoe is also different. Keep reading for the inside scoop on this innovative shoe.

Introducing the Nike Go FlyEase

Nike always tries to push the envelope with new technologies in footwear. From the original waffle sole in the early 1970s which added traction for runners, to ZoomX foam in the mid 2010s that helped Eliud Kipchoge run the first ever sub 2 hour marathon, innovative design is in Nike’s DNA. Now, Nike’s designers have created the Nike Go FlyEase, the brand’s first ever hands-free shoe. But, is the Go FlyEase just a mere gimmick or is it a true innovation? Well, I aim to answer that question in this review.


The upper on the Nike Go FlyEase comes in two layers. The inner layer comes in a neoprene-like fabric that doubles as the liner. Outside of that is a very thin open mesh. Apart from that, there are some overlays for added durability and structure.

I really like the upper. It’s soft and breathable, great for the summer. This upper reminds me of the Primeknit upper found on the adidas Ultraboost 4.0 both in terms of out of the box softness and comfort. However, the Ultraboost 4.0’s upper is definitely thinner than the Go FlyEase’s upper.

Moving on to this shoe’s claim to fame: the hands-free FlyEase system. The midsole/outsole folds, making the midsole pop up. The outsole is a different color and has a cut out in the area that folds. A thick rubber band is found where the upper and sole meet. That rubber band provides the tension needed for the folding design.

Ease of Entry

How to put on the Nike Go FlyEase:

  1. Fold shoe at heel area 
    1. Heel should pop up
  2. Slide toes in
  3. Step down onto heel 
    1. Heel should sink back down

How to take off the Nike Go FlyEase:

  1. Place opposite toe into heel
  2. Slowly slide toes out 
    1. Heel should pop up

I’m impressed with the FlyEase system on the Go FlyEase. It works very well. I found it intuitive and had no trouble putting them on the first time. I’m worried about what might happen if the rubber band snaps. However, the rubber band seems to be well made and durable. Just be aware that snapping the rubber band is a possibility, but not a probability.


The cushion setup on this shoe is simple. It’s just a full Cushlon foam midsole. Even though the midsole pops up, it’s not removable. Also, I don’t think an additional insole will work in these due to how the shoe opens.

I prefer softer foams, like adidas’ Boost or Nike’s ZoomX. However, I think the underfoot cushion in the Go FlyEase is ok, but nothing too crazy. I can wear them all day long without too many complaints.


The traction pattern is all linear and the rubber used feels durable and grippy. The Go FlyEase’s traction is above average for everyday lifestyle wear. I didn’t slip in these at all.


Wide enough for most people. Length is perfect when you go true to size.


There is no way to tighten the Go FlyEase’s fit. So, finding your right size is very important. Ordering true to size should prevent any heel slippage.


So, is the Nike Go FlyEase a gimmick? In my opinion, no. Why? Because there’s a legitimate need for a shoe like the Go FlyEase. Most of that need comes from the differently abled community. So, if you’re like me and have a physical limitation, I highly recommend this pair. However if you are fully able, I would suggest you not buy the Go FlyEase and give someone who needs them (for the functionality) the chance to purchase a pair. I hope other brands will soon follow in Nike’s footsteps and make their own hands-free footwear.

Let us know your opinion on the Go FlyEase on YouTube or Twitter.

How to Buy the Nike Go FlyEase

  • Colorway: White/Celestine Blue-Volt
  • Release Date: April 30, 2021
  • Style Code: CW5883-100
  • Retail Price: $120

The Nike Go FlyEase is available now for above retail at eBay. It’s rumored to be returning to Nike in greater quantities in Fall 2021.

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  1. These shoes are a great idea…however wish they would make them more affordable…most disabled kids/adults also have financial issues due to high cost of Healthcare. Meds…most can’t afford 120.00 fora pair of tennis shoes.

    I realize it may cost more to produce these due to the new design but please keep inind the cost factor when designing more?

    1. I know what you mean. I have seen the Nike Go FlyEase on sale at a few Nike outlets. But, yeah, it really sucks that people who need the shoe can’t afford them.

      Kizik (https://kizik.com/) makes very easy on/off footwear for a bit less, starting at $99. I was in the WearTesters video for the Kizik Athens (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgSS0liy27A&list=PLpF2-jCIY3mIiel4xVb25nByRaOqysuV1&index=2).

      If you have any more questions about the Go FlyEase, the FlyEase program in general, or Kizik, reply to this comment. I’ll do my best to answer!

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