Nightwing Knows | Did You Buy the Remastered Air Jordan 7 Retro ‘Bordeaux’?

askNightwing is back, but under a new name: Nightwing Knows. This is a simple series in which I take your questions and give you my answers, thoughts, etc. If you ever wanted to submit a question the email is: [email protected] Hope you guys enjoy and stay tuned for more.


  1. My limit on price was 160, and that was too much due to what I planned on doing in the Jordan’s, and that is to play ball. The VII has never hit the radar for me as I do not find them appealing so no, I didn’t even try and cop, and will not be buying any more Air Jordan shoes, nor Nike Basketball shoes, due to the increase in pricing.

  2. True dat!!!! Hype beast “just sayin” yall got beeeyotch slapped to a hype beeyotch .

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