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New Balance Teases New Kawhi Leonard PEs – The OMN1

New Balance has just released a first look at Kawhi Leonard’s OMN1S.

Kawhi is rumored to be debuting the OMN1S during this weekends NBA All-Star Game while the shoe itself has been rumored to be releasing around the October time frame.

While the teaser images by @NBHoops don’t show the shoe in its entirety, they show close ups of what looks to be a knit build with synthetic panels. Traction is herringbone and is placed in a way that should cover most movements on-court. New Balance’s FuelCell foam makes up the cushion.

With this small tease, let us know your thoughts on Kawhi Leonard’s upcoming New Balance OMN1S below in the comment section.


Images courtesy via New Balance Hoops


  1. Would love to see the whole shoe and not the bits and pieces. That said, what I see I am impressed with and looks like it has some potential.

  2. I’m very impressed with the little bits I see here. Curious to find out the retail price. I not familiar with their fuel cell foam. What other models sport that cushion? All the other foams they have have been great for my feet so I am looking forward to trying this one out.

      1. “FuelCell is a nitrogen-infused foam that drives the athlete off the cushioning platform quickly and delivers long-lasting performance”

  3. I like how they did the eyelets. I don’t think I’ve seen that done before. Also the mid-foot strap looks like it wraps all around the foot and goes just under the midsole. I expect great lockdown if that’s a stretchy material. I also like the ankle area. Along with the top two eyelets, I’m expecting it to really keep your heel in place. The whole midsole and outsole gives me a Drose 4 feel for some reason. Here’s hoping it performs well. I’m a huge Kawhi fan and I appreciate that he’s breaking the mold in going with NB.

  4. Love them and haven’t even seen the.whole shoe. They have similar shape to xxxii mids

    Yeah the eyelets are something new

    Depending on the cushion might.be looking to get them

  5. I’m actually hyped for these, looks like a “just go play basketball” type of sneaker. Have you seen NB’s ad for Kawhi too? They’re doing better marketing for him then Jordan ever did.

  6. Herringbone? No nonsense herringbone? I think that New Balance gets it. It’s his first with the brand and they are not trying to mess this up. Smart move.

  7. Extremely disappointing. They mixed some old school cues with new which doesn’t work at all here. Materials are tacky and the claw elements are corny. The logos are terrible as well.
    They needed to pick a direction and go with it. Either do a classic look like their 80s Worthy stuff or do something completely unexpected and outside the box. They tried to do some of both and made lousy choices

  8. I’m very curious to see what the whole shoe would look like. Cushion set up sounds very interesting. The branding on this shoe stands out, but honestly I couldn’t help but LOL when I saw the Kawhi Leonard in Times New Roman font along with his logos. People know him for being quiet and bland, this shoe really shows his personality LOL

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