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New Balance OMN1S | Detailed Look and Review

New Balance recently released Kawhi Leonard’s OMN1S and we’re fortunate enough to have a pair in-hand.

After a very strange soft launch that saw 232 pairs of the New Balance OMN1S release and numerous oversold pairs, I was fortunate enough to have had a fellow YouTuber, Seth Fowler, reach out to me so I can do a review on the shoe.

Admittedly, I have never worn a pair of New Balance basketball shoes. I am aware that they once existed, but I never had the chance to try them out for myself. This pair feels like it could be a beast on-court, so long as you get them to fit you properly.

Traction feels awesome. Cushion feels okay — nothing to get hyped about based on a try-on. Hopefully that changes a bit once I start breaking them in. Materials are solid while the fit needs work. I’d recommend going down at least a half size from your true size. They feel a bit long and they have some volume around the toe. It’s great for wide footers, but I love a nice snug and secure fit — which these lack at the moment.

At $140, they could be a solid option for those looking to be different. We all just have to wait until October to try them out for ourselves as 232 pairs to start is a very small amount of pairs available.

Stay tuned for updates regarding a performance review as well as future releases of the New Balance OMN1S.

  1. I was on the unfortunate side of the oversold ones’s. After a week a representative finally reached out to me and told me that and saying I probably won’t get my pair until mid June so I decided to keep my money and take the 100.00 voucher offer but really wanted a pair hopefully that’ll still be the case after your review.

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