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Stephon Marbury Releases New Sneaker Concept Sketch

Starbury Model

Once upon a time, you could go into a mall (You remember don’t you? Those physical places where you could buy goods, petzels, and Sbarro all in one place?) and possibly find a pair of Stephon Marbury’s signature shoes in the shops.

Now, that isn’t to say that the kicks were the most popular or sought after. In fact, there were a good number of kids in my area at the time that would try and clown you. Most were jerks and coincidentally stayed on that path into adult life.

For kids whose families had to make it happen on a limited budget, Starburys were a pretty good solution. Back in High School Church League, I had a couple of teammates play in them and they didn’t have much trouble.

Well, as announced earlier this year, Marbury is bringing back the Starbury line proper here in the States. He released a concept sketch of a model on his Twitter account.

The proposed design looks like an attempt to modernize the previous Starbury models. There is some sort of air based cushioning setup with a lower profile outsole. Up top, the new silhouette plans to make use of fuse overlays with mesh venting.

All of this new technology would bring his shoes in line with a number of modern performers. It’s a cool concept and if the proposed price of $15 could be upheld, they would be a tremendous value.

Stylistically, this pair looks to be a flash model with a number of vivid blue panels and cushioning against an orange backdrop of fuse. Starbury is obviously still drawing some inspiration from his time as the New York Knicks point guard. Even the branding is present on the new models with his star logo.

There is a lot to be excited about if you are looking to ball on a budget. Would you consider picking these up? Let us know in the comments!

Starbury Model

  1. I could see that…but, I feel like most performance models are moving towards knit or woven construction. Maybe the colorway doesn’t help matters much?

  2. Truly don’t care about the slight xx8 resemblance, tall collars aren’t exclusive to nike and these are kind of fire

  3. The design is nice and Murbury’s intention is nice,

    Philippine Ballers would appreciate the low price tag, it would beat the fake Bball shoes sold, IF the shoes are of quality material and they perform, it would be awesome for anyone on a low budget, rather than playing in slippers(tsinelas)

    Hope he succeeds!

    1. you forget, we also do barefoot. and outdoors. and barefoot outdoors.

      you know what, just give us a ring, some cardboard and you can call it a day. Who needs court lines anyway?

      Roads are no exception too. A car passing by is called a timeout. LOL

      1. Laughing out loud, that’s our love for the game of Basketball,

        that’s why you can call Pinoy ballers versatile and able to adapt,

        Don’t forget the ice tubig or libre after the game.

  4. This is the kind of thing that might look good on the sketch, but ends up looking bad. It could end up looking like a rubber rain boot. Honestly they should make it look a bit more basic like the And1 Stephs, make sure the performance is solid, and somehow put some ok cushioning in there if possible.

    I’m rooting for Steph and the budget model ideal. As a wee lad I had to use Payless and Walmart shoes, so a solid option in that tier would be nice for those with less money. The best one was a Hakeem-endorsed Spaulding shoe for $35 that was actually better than some Nikes and Reeboks I had later.

  5. Anybody else think that the straight lines on the lateral side could represent some kind of asymmetrical lacing system as well? As for copping the shoe, if its $15 count me in, I mean why not right? See how they perform and then just keep them in the collection. Please keep us updated Weartesters!

  6. Aren’t malls still popular and busy in the big cities?I live in small city/big town and our mall has about 80% store occupancy so 20% of the stores there are empty. or is the writer saying everyone orders online. or that strip malls and plaza has taken over malls.

    1. A little bit of both, our malls here in Cleveland are declining steadily unless you drive to outside suburbs. Its been better to order online around here for at least 4 years.

  7. rip sbarro

    that was the epitome of “well we’re in the mall and I guess there some pizza if I’m in the mood for it” pizza.

  8. Very in-style, using influence from the Tough Mudder, Mid-top Trail runners. The big problem for me with past Starbury sneakers, was that the construction, every Starbury I wore exploded on me within a couple of hours.

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