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Lonzo Ball’s BBB ZO2.19 is Unveiled with Lower Retail Price

lonzo ball Big Baller Brand ZO2.19

The Big Baller Brand just officially unveiled Lonzo Ball’s second signature sneaker, the ZO2.19.

With the 2018-19 NBA season officially underway we’ve seen several new signature sneakers unveiled. The latest comes from Big Baller Brand (BBB) and Lonzo Ball with his newly priced signature ZO2.19.

Down from a whopping $495 to $200, the shoe is still expensive when compared to the mass-produced sneakers from established multi-billion dollar companies like Nike, adidas, Under Armour, etc. Big Baller Brand is independently owned and operated so the significant price decrease is great to see.


As for the shoe itself, the cut continues to be a lowtop — something I love — while the materials have been upgraded to a premium nappa leather and genuine suede that sits atop a breathable mesh build. A forefoot strap has been added for lateral support and cushion is stated to be the same as the original ZO2 Prime Remix (that shoe featured Jetlon from Brandblack’s line of performance footwear).

Aesthetically, Lonzo Ball’s latest shoe looks really nice — it’s almost like a ’90s shoe with some modern twists. The colorways — Lilac, White/Gum & Madagascar — all look solid as well. Hopefully, the shoes will easily translate from on-court performance to off-court lifestyle.

The shoe is available now in three colorways for pre-order at BigBallerBrand.com. Orders are expected to ship by February 1.

Big-Baller-Brand-ZO2.19-3 lonzo ball


Images courtesy of SLAM

  1. These kinda look like a dad shoe, but I like them enough. I really like the use of natural materials. 200 is still too high, though I understand that could be because of small business issues. Still, the price puts it out of consideration for the vast majority.

    If anything, I’m rooting for brandblack to make a name for themselves out of this. I’d like to see them still involved in basketball in any form.

  2. These are actually pretty nice, and the price is at least a little more manageable. On the topic of BBB, what ever happened to the performance review of the ZO2 Prime Remix? Nightwing, didn’t you get a pair? Did it perform THAT bad???

    1. They didn’t perform bad at all. As stated on my IG, they perform identically to the BB Rare Metal with a slightly more snug fit due to the blucher lacing design. Otherwise they’re the same shoe.

  3. I like everything about this. The first sig did well enough for them to make a second. It is also clear BBB is becoming more and more successful (a price slash like that looks to indicate growth in production). And to top it all off I think the shoe looks great. If it’s a great performer, then it’s a clear winner to me.

  4. Not too bad actually. A nice mix of materials and layers. Only thing I don’t quite like is the strap. Seems like its just there to be there (aesthetically at least).

  5. Looks like a toddler shoe in my humble opinion…but if they perform decent then whatever. I do have to say I like the materials, if not the overall look

  6. The actually look pretty good to me. They would look good casually, the traction looks similar to the brandblack future legends so I wonder if they had a hand in making them again.

  7. Waiting for the team colors but leaning to going for a pair. Didn’t do the previous pair because I already had two Rare Metals and the shoe was predictably described to play similarly.

    Fit is a big question mark though. I feel like BrandBlack shoes have been mixed in being TTS or half down. Went half down with the JC2, the Ether, Rare Metal…heard the Future Legend Low and JC3 could also do half down. Went true with both versions of the Force Vector, heard the Future Legend mid ran true.

  8. This is a blatant knock off of the PG 2.5 (I actually have them on today so trust the comparison is real) but bulkier and twice as much.

    But good to see them growing as a brand. Im sure that NBA money is helping with production costs.

  9. I gotta hand it to them, they did a great job on the look of these shoes. They are screaming with off-court appeal, but I can see these also performing well on-court. Hopefully my intuition is accurate. The price drop is huge for BBB, and I think it’s great because this will allow them to tap a larger audience.

    1. or finally tap an audience. but then, what is the brand’s selling point other than Lavar’s mouth? Lonzo’s game doesn’t even make a buzz in the NBA let alone his shoes. from this standpoint, the rookie Ayton’s Puma shoes has way lot more buzz than this BBB.

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