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Nike Kobe X (10) Performance Review


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Nike Kobe X (10) Performance Review 1

Traction – 
My initial reaction was to hate it… plain and simple. The traction just doesn’t look like it would be reliable on-court… and once again, I was totally wrong. Those little nodules, yeah… they grip the hell out of the floor – no matter the condition. Hell, one of the floors I played on had a bunch of dirt all over it (stupid band practice)… I was the only one not slipping. I feel the rubber compound and the pattern used work in tandem with one another… without one, the other wouldn’t work as well.

Now, will they last outdoors? Unfortunately, they wont, but if you play indoors and want something that will take care of you then this is it. For outdoors, you have plenty of options… much cheaper options too. With the KB Mentality available for those that want Lunarlon or the Venomenon for those that want Zoom… it’s all there. Why you’d want to spend $180-$200 on a shoe to play in outdoors in beyond me, but to each their own.

Which is better; Kobe 9 traction or Kobe 10 traction? Look, it’s not about what’s better in this particular scenario… it’s only about whether or not the traction works. So, does the Kobe X traction work? Yes… it sure as hell does.

Nike Kobe X (10) Performance Review 2

Cushion – Full length Lunar and a large volume heel Zoom Air unit provide you with nice, low profile and responsive cushion. Everything is caged within two separate rubber sidewalls, which made the Zoom Air a little lackluster in terms of feel. It works just fine, absorbs and deflects energy upon impact and all that good stuff, but I just didn’t feel the Zoom Air like you would in the Melo M8, Jordan 12, or even the previous Kobe’s like the 5 & 6… and those had thinner units available, they just weren’t locked into a cage.

I loved the Lunarlon, though. Again, just from a try-on or first impression standpoint, I really wasn’t too thrilled with the Lunar setup, but once you start to run around then you’ll enjoy how they feel. It’s not plush the way the 8 and 9 were, these feel slightly firmer when at a standstill, but nice when in motion.

Why is the cage in place? To put it simply, its for support & stability. Is it restrictive at all? A little, not too much… but you can tell that the Kobe X isn’t quite as mobile as the previous two models. This setup is actually beneficial for an aging player, I should know… I’m not getting any younger here. There are plenty of flex grooves in the Lunar midsole, but when it’s all caged in… you won’t be gaining a ton of additional flexibility.

Nike Kobe X (10) Performance Review 3

Materials – The materials are what disappoint me. A thin layer of Fuse is pretty much what you get. Mesh is glued to the Fuse for aesthetic purposes, but it really doesn’t serve a performance purpose. If you plan on getting the All-Star edition, there is an additional layer of Fuse – which makes no performance difference at all – that will peal off with wear.

The positive things that come with an upper like this; they’re structurally durable, and it’ll provide you with a little more support than a softer Engineered Mesh or Flyknit would. The negatives things that come with an upper like this; requires a little break-in time (not much though), and the upper flexes awkwardly when you’re in motion. Fuse doesn’t move as well with the foot as broken-in leather, Engineer Mesh or even Flyknit.

Personally, I prefer a mesh or knitted upper over this setup… but if you like something that is structurally durable and a bit more supportive than softer materials then this isn’t a bad upper to have.

Nike Kobe X (10) Performance Review 4

Fit – I felt the Kobe X fits true to size… maybe a little on the narrow side, but for me… its a perfect fit. As mentioned in the material section, the upper flexes awkwardly with the foot which created some disconnect with the foot, but it wasn’t a consistent problem. Most of the time I didn’t notice the shoes on my feet, but when I did… I wasn’t thrilled about it.

Lockdown is solid from the midfoot to the heel, not a single issue there. But that disconnect I was talking about… when it happened, it happened in the forefoot, and thats primarily where I play. If these had the Neoprene toe that is featured on the Kyrie 1 then I don’t think this would have been an issue, but since they went with a Fuse shell for the entire upper… this is what you receive.

Nike Kobe X (10) Performance Review 5

Support – This is probably the most supportive Kobe to date, but its more from the shoes increased stability rather that standard support features. The Cage takes care of torsional support, while the upper and built-in heel counter takes care of the rest.

That little Carbon Fiber clip up front… I still have no idea what its for. By the way, I had an issue with that area – as far as needing to be broken-in – with the Blue colorway only… I had no issue with them in the All-Star colorway. Some people might have an initial problem with them as well, while others may not… I guess it’ll just varies from pair to pair.

Other than that, the midsole is lower, wider and sits in a TPU cage… stability is their main support feature, and I actually liked it.

Nike Kobe X (10) Performance Review 6

Overall – The Nike Kobe X is a solid shoe, especially if your body is beginning to age. The traction was awesome, the cushion was solid, materials are not something I personally enjoy, they fit like a glove throughout most of the shoe with some minor forefoot flex issues, and stability is a key support feature that many should enjoy… young or old. Do I think they’re a must have… not really, but if we’re being honest here… then you can get by just fine with a $50 clearance model. Lets face facts, you want the newest signature because its the newest signature. Would you want these if they were the Stutter Step 3’s? Don’t lie…

If you have $180 to spend, and want to rock the latest Kobe on-court… you’ll get some really great performance features out of them. But don’t sit here and complain that you’re spending “$180 for this?!” when you can buy the KB Mentality for $100, the Hyperdunk on clearance, and whatever else has a Swoosh on it that can be found at your local Nike Outlet.

If you want the latest Kobe, this is what you’ll get out of them. If not… then just move onto something else. Just don’t act like someone is forcing you out of your $180… buying specific shoes is a choice, not an ultimatum.

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Nike Kobe X (10) Performance Review 7
  1. ” Would you want these if they were the Stutter Step 3’s? Don’t lie”
    Best part of the review. Nice review ! Sounds more up my alley than the 8 or 9

  2. A couple of 6th mans on categories, I miss the days when hell $150 guarantees one of the best shoes. I feel like shoes 110 or less perform better than most sigs. Well, with the kobes, I’m going off your opinion but u get the point
    I still bust out the crazy shadow and I had those for 2 yrs and only paid $50 for those. Regular price with 100 tho

    1. “I miss the days when hell $150 guarantees one of the best shoes”

      So true. Nowadays it’s almost a risk. Nike KD VI was a catastrophe for me… a team model nowadays is a safer bet than to gamble ordering a signature shoe online.

  3. I feel that flywire should’ve been added for support. That upper is thin. Nike has been telling us that flywire is beneficial but then remove it for a shoe at that price point really surprises me

  4. Hey Chris, I played in the blue lagoon yesterday. the traction was outstanding, I played on a dusty court and didn’t have to wipe once.. But I did had to give it a game in order to break the shoes in at the flex point..
    Once they broke in the shoes played awesome, cushion from heel to toe was smooth… No hot stop during my 5 games. The fuse start of stiff for about a game but after that no issues.. Zoom bag in the heel felt firm but had a nice springbak from heel strike.. it’s on the heavy side compare to the last few Kobes but noticeable while playing.. for 180 I’m very happy with my purchase and for the Kobe 9 Elite low and High for 225.. the cushion is better the in the 10’s and don’t cost as much either

        1. We’re exactly the same build. The last part of your comment is price relative though. You could’ve easily got the Kobe 9 EM low model for the same performance, with better ventilation and lower cost at $160.

          1. I have them both EM and Elite low.. Both require break in time insole and the material
            The X are no different to me.. I only the shoe is narrow so elite socks are out but I can wear nba sock or nike dri fit.. I think but lowing the lunarlon and making it free was better to me flex natural and with the zoom in the heel.. Nice heel impact.. My opinion it’s not flyknit but you still getting good tech with a ortholite insert

      1. Man your reviews are whack you give a shoe starting five and sixth man ratings, but then you put it as one of the best shoes for quick players. Your wishy washy on every review and inconsistent which why I always make sure I watch a Kickgenius review, before i buy a shoe and don’t just look at yours.

        1. Well, starting 5 is a good thing… and 6th man isn’t anything bad, just means it works and isnt amazing. Benched is not good, and if that was the score given and it made the list then I’d see where you’re coming from. Not really my fault that you’re a dumbass… thats all you. You’re such a dumbass that you’ll tell someone that their reviews are whack but keep coming back to them. I haven’t been wrong in any review since ’09. But you can keep hating from the safety of your keyboard… and you can keep enjoying my reviews while you type that you dislike them. Nothing wishy washy about it… my reviews arent for idiots… which is exactly what you are. Actually, I’ll be wishy washy with that… you aren’t an idiot. You’re a fucking moron. Have a good one homegirl.

          1. Open your eyes, everyone that watches and likes your reviews, are like you. Mediocre basketball players than wish they were good and are to ignorant to not give a good score on every basketball shoe you review. I watched your review on your superfly 3s that said they were good, I got them the next week for basketball… They were terrible stiff as hell and cushioning was terrible. This is just one example of your mediocrity in reviewing shoes. There are many more

            1. I said the materials were stiff, and that I didn’t like that. Cushion was great though, if you didn’t think so then thats your opinion. Ive never claimed to be a hoop god, I test and review shoes. You’re only proving that you are nothing short of a moron.

          2. Nightwing, when you have haters, it means your doing it right and your a somebody. I always come to this site for your opinion and release dates. Keep up the good work.

    1. does the traction makes that “eech” sound on the traction or this just grip the hell out of the floor silently
      need this to make up my decision. Thanks for the reply! Awesome Review NW!!

  5. Nightwing, great site, it’s one that I visit numerous times throughout the day. Regarding the cushion, do you think the lunarlon will bottom out quickly. As an older player myself I look for great cushion, and with my 9s they bottomed out and are almost unusable.

      1. You said its for an aging player. Is it bad if at I prefer these vs 8s and 9s (I have both)
        Traction.IMO it was as good as the 9s and XX8s
        Cushion IMO was the best cushion ing out of all my shoes (KB’8s KB 9s KB 10s Hyperdunk 2011) Was fluid,responsive and soft.
        It was flexible after the first game and had great support and stabilty for some one with bad balance

        1. Traction Hall of fame
          Cushion 2nd ballod Hall of Fame
          Sixth Man (but Jamal Craw ford level)
          Support Starting 5
          Overall Hall of Fame
          I also forgot to mention I have the 28s and 29s

  6. sounds like a very lackluster shoe. how can nike sell something so cheaply made and obviously untested for $180? thats mind blowing. its almost like selling a defective product. materials so cheap they flake off. I dont get it. where’s the $180 for this shoe? materials? heck no, its made of plastic. we arent seeing anything new so its definitely not for R&D. these shoes would be disappointing at $100. I really feel nike is done as a performance brand. its all about inflated prices for garbage materials and decades old tech that is much less comfortable than it was 20 years ago

    1. Well said, nike has really been pissing me off recently, crap products for constantly increasing outrageous prices

  7. TBH if these were the Stutter Step 3’s I would cop…if these weren’t 180$, compared to the Stutter Step’s 85$

  8. I played with them at my school and I agree about the traction. It was amazing. IMO better than the 9s just because it is easier to wipe the dust off (IMO) For cushion I am a big foam/lunar guy so it was great. Ass far as the Zoom the last zoom I played in was the 2011 hyperdunks and IMO it worked better here. Although I said I disagree with you in your first impression about the materials. I must admit I was being biased. I still like them as they feel snug around my feet, but wished they went with an actual mesh. I like these more than my 9s or 10s becuase of the traction, support and cushion. Also why do you not see the need for the carbon fiber wing

  9. Hey Nightwing, I was looking at these in store and was pretty disappointed with the lack of a mid-foot shank. I tried testing out the flex of the toe, and rather then the flex grooves/free section bending, the whole mid-foot buckled. I don’t know if that is anything you’d notice while playing… since your mid-foot isn’t going to bend like that, but it made me worry about the torsional support.

    Any thoughts? Your review seemed to indicate the TPU cage did ‘enough’, but at first grasp it felt like it wasn’t doing anything.

      1. The Hyperrev 2015 does not have any mid-shank plate either. Did you have any problems with flexing on those?

  10. So u said the hyperrev is one of your favourite shoes right now, where’s this in your rotation and what is your rotation currently?

  11. Hey Chris, what shoes do you think is better for small fast players they Kobe 10, the curry 1, or the kyrie 1? If you had to choose one.

    1. Fast players would be a curry 1 or Kyrie 1. In the review he stated its aimed towards players that need more support so it’s something that wouldn’t really be considered fast. I don’t think it would be a problem but the kyries fit the fast mold more if you play on your toes since it’s really basic. I’d recommend the curry 1 based on the bang for the buck factor and how it offers premium cushioning and gives a better overall performer without sacrificing anything else. Overall kobes wouldn’t really be in the conversation. Kyrie for a decent overall shoe and currys for the best overall which might be considered more smooth and fluid as compared to “fast”

      1. Thanks mans that helps a lot. I like both players so i want to figure out which shoe to buy first for performance reasons. I might buy a pair of Kyrie’s later but i think I’m going to get the Curry 1 first.

  12. hey Nightwing, in this review you said the Kobe 9 and Kobe 10 both have terrific traction and you cant go wrong with either. I was surprised when you gave the traction a starting 5 as opposed to a WearTesters Hall of Fame grade because on your description of the new grading system you said “The WearTesters Hall of Fame badge is going to be used sparingly. Only when something is above and beyond either expectations or performance requirements. For example; the Nike Kobe 9’s traction can be considered top of it’s class, but its so damn good that it beats even the best of the best… therefore, it’d receive the WearTesters Hall of Fame badge.”

  13. Hey night wing,
    I am gonna get basketball shoes pretty soon, and I was debating between the Kobe 9’s and 10’s. Which one is the better pick overall for a guard/wing player?


  14. i hate it doe but am i found out this ones are more comfortable and supportive than the kobe 9s but over all i still dont like kobe x but great review bub

  15. well said nightwing at the end of the video, you got those people complaining about shoe prices to shut up.

  16. well i wont find out till i wear the shoe well this kinda expenisve doe 160 bucks but im not hateing it im expecting this shoe will be wrost interms of traction and support but am i was wrong but am i will see soon wen i go to the mall at nike stroe here in angeles city pampanga philippines well thats all i dont mean to hate the shoe i just expect this shoe will be wrost kobe sneaker of the year

        1. No disrespect but the traction is definitely the one thing that could/should have been better on the XX9s. On dusty floors I slip a lot in them.

        2. people who are giving opinions on xx9 traction…what colorway do you have, is it a solid rubber sole or a clear one. Usually makes a difference, and I would like your opinions before buying. Thanks.

  17. This is exactly what I expected, thanks for the review. I know that I can get an honest to goodness review here, instead of the bull and lies that get shoveled around on places like NikeTalk, where you’ll read, “I don’t play ball anymore but. . . ”

    I am looking forward to the Jordan XIII lows, where I do not have to be too concerned about materials, durability, or whatever.

  18. Great review! I totally agree with everything you said Nightwing. Overall I like the traction, cushioning and the look (5am) but the materials kinda suck. The flexing upper you mentioned pinches my foot and makes them a bit uncomfortable. I hope they will brake in after a while and get more comfortabe. But they definitely don’t feel as good on foot as for example the Jordan XX9 or the Brandblack J Crossover 2. I just don’t really like all this plastic/fuse stuff.

  19. well buy these up here in Canada on upcoming Saturday(they delay the release day for a week) on GS size 6 and test them out.
    Yes I have a small feet and need to wear GS size.
    from the pictures The Kobe X GS is a very close recreation of the men’s and none of the tech feature is left out, which i’m happy about.

    1. Checked these out in-store today and I have to agree that those nodules are really soft and pliable. Great traction indoors, but will get torn apart outdoors (not risking it for $180 though)

  20. Hey NW, because of my recent injuries and recovery process, the doctors have told me that the lower I am to the ground, (because there is no way to prevent ankle sprains,) the better the chance of my ankle injuries being less severe. So, which shoes are closer to the ground, the Kobe IX or the X. Please help there is no footlocker or shoe store that supplies these within three hours of where I live. Love the review BTW!!!
    Thanks so much, really appreciate it.

  21. Thanks for the review, I’m looking forward to playing in a pair of these when the right colorway releases. I do like these blue lagoons but am sure I’ll be able to get them under retail in a few months. Even more than that I am counting on a Kobe X high. I love the 9 high, my favorite shoe, and can’t wait for confirmation of the X high’s release. I’m sure they’ll be REALLY expensive, but it is what it is.

  22. All Im gonna say is, EVERY shoe brand has heat out right now with the All Star game coming, every company. For this to (almost) be most expensive, but worse performer of all the shoes coming out. Says a lot about Nike, and sadly a symbol of Kobe’s career right now.

  23. Lebron 12, kobe 10, both a step down from it’s predecessor imo. Can’t wait to see how nike lowers the bar for the kd 8…

  24. Hi nightwing, thanks for the review.

    About the traction, I feel like the Kobe 10s are really just mediocre. I played on a court not as dirty as the one you played on with the dirt, but I was still sliding EVERYWHERE. Compared to the 9s, I feel like these went a step back in the traction department. Maybe the nodules are too soft. I don’t know. But they did not have that amazing tire screech sound that lets you know that the rubber is fighting for traction like the 9s had.

    One positive aspect is that these definitely are more stable than previous kobe models. I am not even sure exactly what that entails, but I feel that I can position my body faster while in motion, allowing me to respond a bit faster to everything.

  25. nightwing i think a kobe x flyknit high is going to come out. if this happen would it be one of your favourite shoes due to the materials?

  26. Hey NW please answer my question. I have tried the Ektios and hurt my knee as a result of my ankle not going in a natural direction so please help. Is the kobe IX or X midsole lower to the ground? Also if the Kobe IX is, is it a substantial amount? I really don’t want the same injury again. Thanks. The lower your feet are to the ground, the less severe an ankle sprain.

  27. Hey Nightwing. In respect of the heel zoom of the Kobe X, how do they compare with the heel zoom in the KD V elites?

      1. I see. Might have to cop cause I’ve got 31 years-old-man knees now hahaha.
        Cheers for the response bro. Been a fan of your reviews for years. Keep it up!

  28. Hey NW, because of my recent injuries and recovery process, the doctors have told me that the lower I am to the ground, (because there is no way to prevent ankle sprains,) the better the chance of my ankle injuries being less severe. So, which shoes are closer to the ground, the Kobe IX or the X. Please help there is no footlocker or shoe store that supplies these within three hours of where I live. Love the review and BTW, I tried Ektio and it gave me a knee injury due to the lack of motion in the joints.
    Thanks so much, really appreciate it.

    1. Agreed but if you had a chance try out the ektio brand if injuries are that severe. I’ve had the 9 and they had the best court feel of my life the first handful of times I wore them. I’m not sure if court feel and low to the ground correlate but I’d recommend a lower to the ground cushioning that’s plush and something with a nice base and outrigger. Clutch fit drive might be it but they’re certainly other options out there

  29. Ok finally get my hands on these up here in Canada.
    I agree with Nightwing, i instantly dislike the upper material.
    I do wish it has more mesh and softer.
    The cushion, however , better than i though.
    the cage zoom actually caged in a relatively soft material, unlike the KD v elite.
    yes, the toes box flex weirdly at first, have to break in them more.
    Over all this great choose for small feet baller, since all the techs exist in the mens are all in GS also.

  30. Absolutely agree with this review! Got them, traction was amazing, cushioning was decent, materials eh stiff, fit I liked, and support is very good for a kobe shoe. I did experience some awkward flexing at the forefoot as well, but some re-adjusting the laces sort of fixed the problem for me. Thx!

  31. anyone else have any issues with traction when first playing in these? The floors were dusty as hell but when I put on my kobe 9’s, I didn’t have a problem. Is there a break in time for the traction?

  32. I’m buying the kobe 10 Sunday after my champion ship game is it OK if I wear them outside keep up the good work

  33. Hello nightwing. I’ve been reading your reviews for a while now, and find them tremendously helpful. I’m on the older side (40) so getting the right shoe for what passes as my game and comfort/fit needs becomes more significant. Especially when you can’t allocate as much of your budget anymore to just several basketball shoes. You go over certain things that aren’t as addressed in other reviews, be it minutely in passing or in-depth, but still hold a good point of note that helped me make great purchase choices. I didn’t end up buying this kobe model after trying it on in-store, but your review helped me examine certain areas which pointed me in the right direction to which shoe I’d be better off with. I ended up getting the curry one. Too bad it wasn’t the media package you got with all the bonuses (just saw that review after buying the shoes) but I’m happy with a shoe that’s “right” for me. Keep up the great work!

  34. Hey NightWing – as always, great review. 9 times out of 10, I rely on your performance reviews to determine my next purchase since a balance of cushion and performance is a high priority of mine. The one thing that’s been on my mind – but have been unsuccessful in finding an answer to are the effects on one’s feet or knees based on the weight of shoes. For example, if you were on the court for 3+ hours wearing the heavier Lebron 12 vs the lighter Kobe X, would those extra 4 ounces make all the difference in terms of fatigue or overall physical performance on the court? I feel that when you have a pro that stands 6’8 250lbs, the 1.5 pound shoe on each foot is nothing. But for someone that stands under 6’0 and way under 200lbs, that 1 pound shoe may be an issue, no? Or does the cushion technology built into the newest and heavier sneaks – like the Lebron 12 or Hyperposite 2 (seriously considering this as my next buy and patiently waiting for your performance review on these), absorb that fatigue? Not sure if I’m making sense here but I have found myself splitting hairs on buying a 14.0 ounce shoe versus getting the heavier (but not really) 16.5 ounce shoe. When should the weight of the shoe be of a concern when thinking about playing ball 1 hour versus 3 hours versus maybe even 7+ hours in a day? And I know everyone is different but just wanted to get your take on this as you’ve worn and reviewed almost every major release to date. Thanks in advance!

  35. Just got these and have worn them on an indoor gym only.. I keep slipping like I’m on ice… Any suggestions

      1. Same here but I wasn’t really slipping I just didn’t feel it grip to the floor but I didn’t return mine

  36. I don’t know if it’s the gym or what but my kobe 10s traction were ok because I wasn’t slipping but I wasn’t feeling it grip to the floor like my kobe 9s and at the end I found rubber dirt scars where the carbon fiber clip is on both shoes cause I guess they got step on and my shoes had so much dust on The Sole even doe I wiped in the middle of the kobe shealth logo I put finger in it and the dust in that spot was gone the whole sole has dust on it and I kinda think the 9s have better traction but is it because i got A size 12 when I wear an 11.5 does the shoe need more pressure on the sole or something I have never experienced this on any or my shoes so I don’t know what to do and the reason I got a 12 is because every shoe store in Maryland had No 11.5 and only had 12s and 11s

  37. The traction is sticky–it digs in as you said–but nowhere near the level of the traction on the IX! Furthermore I can always see potential for it to worsen and quickly. *Definitely not for outdoor use* Where I go ball some kid eagerly bought these on release day and tore them up within a couple weeks. He went with the Kyrie 1 now.

    I bought the Elites on an eBay sale, they were about $150 so I took a flyer on them, purple ones. I am thoroughly unimpressed. The elite (high cut) and the EM last year I thought were great. These leave a lot to be desire. Less speed, less cushion and while technically they have more “support” (I am also an “aging” player) I can’t appreciate it. The heel counter is not as hard as say the Kobe 7 but it’s definitely harder than last year. The toe feels rigid and actually hurts the medial side of my left foot in two casual wears and one shootaround so far. I am hoping it breaks in. Encapsulating the Lunar foam was a terrible idea. The biggest issue to me on these, and it’s even more striking on the mesh lows, is the comical weight distribution. Flimsy, minimal upper with this dense, heavy sole. To me this release was extremely disappointing.

  38. nightwing been watching your vid’s for a few years, this is my first comment or question so i hope you respond. in short, looking at the kobe 10 and the j crossover 2. clearly you like the j crossover, and feel the kobe 10 is decent. im 38, 6′-190lbs. which would you grab and why. i know you try to be objective and i commend you, but when i found out you gave a lot of input to brandblack ii had to ask to get an objective answer. i am also asking becuase i am currently playing in the jordan 29 and really like them and you compared the j crossover to them.
    thanks in advance for your further feedback; and keep up the great work!!!

    1. Really depends on what you’re looking for, but if you’ve enjoyed the XX9 then the JC2 is the logical choice. Kobe’s offer for support, but I personally prefer the freedom the JC2 allows.

  39. The Kobe X Elite are FUEGO but they do not fit true to size. I wear an 11.5 and they were too snug so I had to move up to a size 12 for a more comfortable fit. Three other guys were in Footlocker and they also bought a half size larger for a more comfortable fit.

  40. I have to say I think you’re review is spot on. I’m mostly impressed with the fit. After trying out the Hyperrev and CP3 VIII, which for some reason both felt too small in my true size, these fit like a glove. I felt the fit was very similar to the Brandblack Phantom lo, though I prefer the Phantom’s leather upper.

  41. Hey Nightwing,

    First and foremost – love and trust your reviews. Have now bought 3 pairs mostly based on your scores and recommendations and love your honesty and in depth analysis regardless of the brand. Keep up the great work mate.

    I’ve got the Kobe 9 in the GSW color way in US9.5 and they fit great. Looking at maybe picking up the X in the new “Pain” color way but can only source size US9.0. How do the sizes compare from 9 to X?

  42. Hey nightwing nice review,
    Just got a pair, played with it on an out door court. The traction doe grip d floor like a tire, don’t know wat u guys ar talking about not playing with it out side, the rubber on my sole is thick and hard, I think ur experience with the kobe x depends on ur pair

  43. Anyone had problems of the zoom bag popping? If so, did it affect the shoes performance? Please reply. Thank youu!

  44. This review was very generous, I gave the Kobe X a third chance recently and was disappointed again. I got a promo pair of highs and then a couple lows (one elite, one EM) cheap so I figured why not?

    The EM materials are way cheap for the money and I don’t agree that they are particularly supportive. The Elite is just a mess of floppy Flyknit and glue, even worse. I would have easily taken the support in the 2s and 5s over them at a minimum, heads above. Ankle support on these is weak, even as low tops go, and the all-around support is average on the EM, worse on the Elite.

    The cushioning setup is unabashedly horrible. You have these weird little posts on the laterial sides that feel like you are stepping on something initially, and even once they are broken in they feel very strange to me. The shoe is not good for wide footers primarily for this reason and unlike say the KD7 Elite or LeBron 13, going up half a size will not save you (it will just create a worse fit). The Zoom is somewhat functional but you can’t feel it. The Lunarlon is encapsulated do think more along the lines of the hardest parts of the Harden 1.0 sole (and even stiffer) more so than the pillowy Lunar setup we felt in the Hyperdunk series or even earlier Kobe models like the 8/9.

    Traction is one of the shoe’s strong points, at least for indoor courts and a short period of time. It is not durable and gets trashed outdoors.

    In short I think this shoe was an embarrassing release that just stifled the momentum of the Kobe line, which had two very good and successful models in a row prior to this one.

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