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K1X Anti-Gravity Fall Lineup

The outdoor hoops brand K1X will be adding to their current lineup of brightly colored kicks with their Fall line which included some slightly darker tones.

These were solid on-court shoes and if you hoop outdoors then they were literally made for you. I personally like the Maroon colorway but I’m sure there is something here for everyone – including a basic black colorway for those of you opposed to color.

Check them out below and feel free to share your thought in the comment section.

K1X Anti-Gravity Fall Lineup 1

K1X Anti-Gravity Fall Lineup 2

K1X Anti-Gravity Fall Lineup 3

K1X Anti-Gravity Fall Lineup 4

K1X Anti-Gravity Fall Lineup 5

K1X Anti-Gravity Fall Lineup 6

K1X Anti-Gravity Fall Lineup 7

K1X Anti-Gravity Fall Lineup 8

K1X Anti-Gravity Fall Lineup 9

K1X Anti-Gravity Fall Lineup 10


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  1. Getting the black for sure. Man nightwing, you always bring the info and the most informative reviews. Thank you sir. Be safe.

  2. Going to Texas A&M, and I’m with ya on the maroon shoes NW. Keep up the awesome work, you and your site are my go to for anything bball shoe and gear related

  3. yeah, i wish they could have hits or splashes of other colors on them, i’m really not into single color colorways, but considering i play a lot of ball outdoors and am always eager to look into other brands besides the big two, i have to give these some consideration…

    1. Li Ning closed down here because business was bad, apparently…as for peak, nobody carries it for some reason. I’m not sure if anta ever had a store here….

      1. Wow, that is crazy that you can’t get Li-Ning or Peak shoes there with any sort of regularity.

        Tadatsune, does Nike and Adidas have a foothold on a lot of the Basketball shoes that are sold there? How about Jordan brand?

        Do many people wear off brands at all? or is it mainly Nike and Adidas shoes? I’m very interested on what you have to say on the subject.

        1. yes, very much so, i would say that things here are much the same as they are in North America, Nike is MUCH more visible here than Adidas is, but the Rose and Crazy Light lines are incredibly popular, too. for whatever reason kids love the Crazy Lights here, you see the 2s and even the 1s (which apparently you are not supposed to use on an outdoor court) in playgrounds all across the city.

          Jordan Brand of course has a MASSIVE following here, something that has to do with certain Taiwanese celebrities rocking retros on the regular, but not so much the basketball line as the retros (walk the streets in some fashionable areas and you might see the bred XIs on people’s feet multiple times in the course of a few minutes)….

          nope, nobody really wears ‘off brands’ here, if somebody is spotted with the Peak TP9s or the Li-Ning Way of Wades, they are often deluged with questions as to where they got a pair. very, very rarely will you see somebody wearing something from Under Armour or whatever, and when you do it’s usually folks from the States who come through Hong Kong on the regular…

          on a side note, one or two retailers have started importing small quantities of the WoWs here, selling them at a very small profit, and the reception has been rather good…i would imagine that if TP9s were available here it would be much the same, they look like excellent performers, and at the price they are going for i think they’d be very popular.

  4. I was excited going to HK since I thought almost all of the shoe brands are there already. Well, thanks for the info man, appreciated it.

    Looking forward to visiting your town 🙂

  5. second pic… the one with the maroons… Are those blood stains on the court?!?! lolol wtf. Anyways, these bright colors made these kicks “grow on me”. Dammit I’m curious as to how they feel on feet! Cmon FTL and FNL carry these!!!

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