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K1X Anti Gravity Performance Review

The K1X Anti Gravity is the flagship performance model from German streetwear brand, K1X. The K1X Anti Gravity was built to withstand the demands of outdoor hoops, and in that department, they excel.

Our tester and “sneaker history guy” Evan recently got his hands on a pair and put them to the test indoor and outdoors. So, we decided to update our review of the K1X Anti Gravity. We originally published a performance review back in 2013. The fact that they’re still making these in 2022 might give you a hint as to how they perform on court

K1X Anti Gravity

Colorway: Cranberry

Release Date: 2013

Style Code: 377237_02

Price: $79

K1X Anti Gravity Traction

k1x anti gravity traction

Chris: The traction worked well on multiple surfaces and conditions. Only issue was with courts that have a lot of dust, as the small spaces featured along the outsole would clog up with the dust and create a layer between your foot and the floor. I think this is why most traction patterns tend to fail when dust/ debris are involved but the outsoles that are flat – no design – end up pushing the dust out of the way instead of keeping it with you. Overall, I thought the traction was solid and the rubber is durable so outdoor players will enjoy these.

Evan: I was able to play with these indoors and outdoors. The indoor court I play on is, simply put, terrible. Normally, if I use a shoe with any weak spots in the traction they slide like no ones business. The K1X Anti Gravity bit the court aggressively and performed as well as any shoe I have ever used on that particular court.

Outdoors it was more of the same. My local courts feature a very abrasive but dusty black top and these guys were great. Zero complaints. As an added bonus, they show little to no wear, so they should hold up really well for a long time.

K1X Anti Gravity Cushion

k1x anti gravity cushion

Chris: Dual density foams are used and they feel great. When you first put them on they’re comfortable and they continue to be comfortable and protective while playing. As we all know, foam isn’t typically the best when it comes to responsiveness, but when it comes to impact absorption – it’s one of the best options around. The only cushion setup that I can compare it to is the Li-Ning Way of Wade – which isn’t too useful with them being unavailable to most – but that’s the only thing it’s similar to.

Evan: I really liked the cushion as well. I kept thinking it felt like adidas Bounce cushioning, but, after comparing them to my Dame 2s, I realized I was mistaken. The dual density foam of the Anti Gravity isn’t as bouncy as Bounce, they are more on the responsive side, but still offer great impact protection. After 2 hours straight of testing, I had no fatigue in my knees or ankles.

They actually feel closer, in my opinion, to a shoe like the Puma RS Dreamer. They actually helped me realize that I prefer a more responsive shoe than a heavily cushioned shoe. I brought several other more cushioned models I own to the courts to be able to properly compare, and every time, I wanted to get back into these guys.

K1X Anti Gravity Materials

k1x anti gravity materials

Chris: Synthetics are used throughout the upper in old school fashion – in layered panels which add durability and support. The coating featured on the materials is sort of like rubber so they can withstand a heavy beating. There is a small break-in period but it’s not painful, just a period of adjustment.

Evan: Another feature I really enjoyed on this shoe. You get an old school feel, like Chris mentioned, but the shoe remains lightweight and agile. And, similarly to the traction, they show almost no wear.

If you want a shoe that feels like a 90’s shoe but performs like a modern performance model, this is a good bet.

K1X Anti Gravity Fit

K1X Anti Gravity fit

Chris: I felt they fit a bit wide so for narrow footers I feel going down ½ size is appropriate. If you are ever unsure of sizing, it’s safest to just go with the size you typically purchase as this is merely a suggestion based on my foot shape.

Lockdown is solid, from all aspects. Not really any issues at all once laced up fully and after ensuring I had the appropriate size for myself. They might be built like a 90’s shoe but they secure the foot much better than most of them.

Evan: I agree with Chris on this one, except that my foot is on the wider side, so going true to size worked perfectly for me.

Lockdown was awesome in my opinion. I’m 6’3″ and 220lbs so lockdown is something I need to feel secure making moves on court, and I had zero issues with these.

K1X Anti Gravity Ventilation

K1X anti gravity ventilation

Chris: There are perforations throughout the entire shoe but nothing that would really allow for a lot of air-flow. The tongue on the other hand offers plenty of ventilation and that’s a plus. Certain shoes are perfectly fine with little air-flow – usually rubber or plastic based synthetics – and these just so happen to be one of them. It allowed for the break-in time to go by quickly and that is something I enjoy.

Evan: The K1X Anti Gravity definitely doesn’t excel in breathability, especially when you are comparing it to modern textile based models. I didn’t really miss the extra ventilation, and if I have to chose between support and ventilation, I’m taking support every day of the week.

K1X Anti Gravity Support

k1x anti gravity support

Chris: There is a TPU based shank in place for torsional support and it functions just like any other support shank. The rest of the support comes from the upper and outrigger. Plenty of overlay panels are in place for structural support along with the secure fit – support is definitely a highlight.

Evan: I touched on it a bit earlier, but the support was great, in my opinion. The upper kept my foot well contained at all times and the TPU Shank worked well. The other thing I appreciated was the wide base that helps keep you stable and thus cutting and jumping with confidence.

K1X also has a low-top version of the Anti Gravity known as the PARADOXUM. They share most of the tooling but the upper does not have the same overlays as the Anti Gravity. I would be interested in testing those to see if they offer the same amount of support but in a low-top package.

K1X Anti Gravity Overall

k1x anti gravity overall

Chris: If you’re looking to widen your horizons when it comes to trying out brands, K1X should be one to consider. I understand that Nike and Jordan Brand are the two main power houses but if you don’t go outside the box every once in a while then you’ll end up missing out on quite a few gems.

If you hoop on the regular and want something to last – indoor or outdoor – then this is what you’ve been looking for.

Evan: I really enjoyed these shoes, to the point where they are currently in my modest rotation. I do think they’re shoe that probably isn’t for everyone. They just happened to hit all the notes I personally want in a shoe: good, responsive cushioning, great traction and excellent support.

The K1X Anti Gravity also had several small details that I really appreciated that I don’t usually see in other performance models. For example, I really liked the lacing system. I like that when I pull my laces, they stay tight in that position as I work my way up the shoe. Silly, I know, but I like what I like. If I also factor in the retro vibes and the “no one has heard of these, how cool am I that I know about them factor” its hard for me not to love the K1X Anti Gravity.

They also helped me realize what I really like in a shoe. I have always tended to gravitate to shoes with really plush cushioning, but these guys made me reconsider my taste in performance features. In the future, I think I will be reaching for more responsive shoes with a bit more court feel.

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  1. Great review Sir! I am really pleased to see new performance shoes from K1X and they actually perform well! 187 and chiefglider2 were great and I shall grad a pair of AG!

  2. I remember owning two pairs of Chiefgliders 1. After wearing a pair I had to double up because they were performance beasts!!!

  3. The AG shoe is officially in the United States of America at the American K1X website for $100. The total comes out to $120 after tax and standard shipping.

  4. NW, these look real heavy and clunky. How much do these weight? and are they flexible in terms of heel to toe transition?

  5. when are they releasing that color shoe? all the ones currently for sale are very bright colors.

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