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Jordan Team Showcase Retro | Detailed Look and Review

Built almost identically to the original, Jordan Brand decided to bring back the Jordan Team Showcase.

Of all the Team Jordan models to have released over the years, the Team Showcase was one we never really thought about getting the Retro treatment.

They weren’t extremely popular, although they were worn by the Collegiate teams in PE form, and they’re not a signature team model. However, the shoe is refreshing to see on shelves next to some of the modern low-tech textile models. Imagine a team model having the same amount of tech [more than some by today’s standards] and still retailing for under $150. Yes, it’s quite refreshing. Oh, and the shoe is made with nice soft leather. We wish this was the case for some Air Jordan 13 Retros.

Whether you remember the Jordan Team Showcase fondly or are just hearing about them now, they’re currently available at ShoePalace.com for $140.

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