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Jordan Team 1 Black/ White Retro – Detailed Look & Review

If you wanted a quick detailed look & review on the recently released Jordan Team 1 in the Black/ White colorway then maybe you’ll enjoy this video.

Nothing to extensive, just a quick rundown and brief comparison to the 2002 Retro version in the same color and size. The differences between the two is quite surprising… not the tiny details that have changed but the general shape/ size of the shoe. It’s not a bad thing… just something I found interesting.

Hope you enjoyed the video and if you wanted to grab a pair then head over to Finish Line.

  1. I wasn’t into shoes back in the day when I was younger and couldn’t afford shoes like these but I’m glad that I can now. Thanks for always bringing the quality info NW that allows someone like me to get things that I might not otherwise know about and couldn’t get in the past. Respect.

  2. Could you please do a performance review on these, Im young but think they’re dope. Would love to rock these on court.

  3. Damn I want these so bad but cant find them anywhere is Australia !!!!
    Finishline don’t ship here either. love the outakes too BTW.

  4. YO NW!..sup bro?..hey wuz just curious what is it exactly ya like so much about these?..style?..comfort?..personal memories?..what?….just curious?….cause i could never get onboard with this shoe 4sum reason?

    1. A little bit of everything. I love the design, comfort and how they played. Back when Jordan Brand first came about, it was the first time someone like me could potentially afford a shoe with a Jumpman. Didn’t care that he didn’t wear it… I still thought it was part of him. I don’t like the new team shoes… There’s no heart in it and you can tell. Just mashups, the current designers seem to lack what Jordan Brand once stood for. They were the performance brand of excellence back in the day. Now they’re just another brand with team model.

  5. Great review like always NW. I’m actually going to go check Champs and Finish line tomorrow to see if they have the black/white cw. I originally had the black/blue/white Jordan Jumpman Pro and that’s what got me into shoes really. Those out-takes were hilarious btw.

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