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The Jordan Super.Fly 5 Has Been Deconstructed

Jordan Brand continues to un-impress with new on-court models as the upcoming Jordan Super.Fly 5 has been deconstructed.

We reported previously that the shoe has popped up overseas — it looked as if they were available to purchase — and we weren’t too impressed with their aesthetics, but performance over everything else is what we mainly focus on, so we were hoping that tech specs were worthy of a potential purchase.

Now that the shoe has been deconstructed, we can see exactly what the Super.Fly 5 is made of… and it doesn’t look to made of much. They look like they feature leftover parts from the Jordan Melo M12 as the ankle padding is the same. There is a Pebax moderator plate even though the Zoom Air isn’t unlocked, nor is it large volume. The Zoom unit is actually really small compared to one used in the Super.Fly 4, 3, and 2. It’s more in line with what was used in the original Super.Fly which isn’t very progressive, and almost feels like a major step back in terms of value and tech received.Traction looks good, but that’s about it.

The shoe hasn’t been officially unveiled by the brand so we don’t know what the price will be listed at, but anything at or above $120 would make these an easy pass for any hooper that values their dollar.

Check out the Jordan Super.Fly 5 deconstructed below and feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

The Jordan Super.Fly 5 Has Been Deconstructed 1

The Jordan Super.Fly 5 Has Been Deconstructed 2

The Jordan Super.Fly 5 Has Been Deconstructed 3

The Jordan Super.Fly 5 Has Been Deconstructed 4

The Jordan Super.Fly 5 Has Been Deconstructed 5


  1. Can we get a decent fucking model that has heel and forefoot zoom? like for real, expect something in the heel in one of these models.

    1. No one likes the personality of Griffin and Carmela except for LA/NY fans, 10 year old kids and China.

    2. You nailed it man. The super.fly was always that shoe you could count on to be beast without breaking the bank. Sad to see it take such a huge step back.

  2. This is completely pathetic. Dang, JB isn’t even trying at all with this. They’re really living off of Retro sales and collectors who continue to buy each year’s sig regardless of price, performance, etc ; even this year’s disappointment of a sig.

  3. I have the super.fly 2, I’ve worn them on and off for basketball since I was a sophomore in highschool. I really like that shoe, great traction, good cushion, and nice durable materials. I have been very unimpressed with the latest super.fly shoes. It almost seems like they’re taking steps backward instead of forward.

  4. Pass. They gave it that budget zoom that you might sort of feel every now and then. Well, its been a good run for the Superfly line, but it ends now. I’ll always look back at the SF2 fondly.

  5. Shame on Jordan brand for giving such an expansive shoe with only a 8mm zoom forefoot unit. Soldier 10 already has at least 10mm thick zoom units in forefoot an heel. How greed is JB for making regression in basketball shoe field.

  6. Its fake actually. They not gonna release superfly 5 yet cause I can see the fake Jordan logo with a huge ball and the way it written is wrong below the logo. Idk if its true or not but my instinct tell me that its not.

  7. The revamped designs for 2016-2017 Nike Basketball should have rolled over into the Jordan Brand’s kitchen; huge miss here. I don’t think the latest offerings from the game shoe (XXX), Melo, CPs, or SF have any type of ‘WOW’ factor. The competition is offering better. JB needs to revamp… ‘J-Zoom’ was introduced in the SF4 and only used ONCE with FlightSpeed, why ditch it so soon?? The athletes were raving about it last summer…this seems VERY odd. I hope this is a $90 takedown model. Looks very 2012 Jordan Aero Flight -ish…

  8. How dare they provide a thinner zoom unit for people that want a lower profile and more court feel! The audacity of Nike for not making every shoe exactly the same. Pathetic.

    1. Fake in what way? You believe someone faked cutting a shoe apart to give you an inside look at what the shoe has inside? You’re either really stupid or REALLY stupid if you believe that to be true. The official images were released, we published those as well. Nothing fake about this. JB took a major step back with these. Now stop it.

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