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Jordan Super.Fly 3 – Another Look

The Jordan XX9 has been awesome on-court and we can expect much of the same from the Super.Fly 3.

An updated Flight Plate, mesh upper with synthetic overlays and a reduced price point… if the XX9 isn’t your thing then the Super.Fly 3 just might be.

Check out the latest image of the model below and stay tuned for more information as it comes.

Jordan Super.Fly 3


  1. refined Super Fly 2 POs. the only significant difference these might have in terms of performance might be in the traction. other than that, pretty much SF2 POs all over again.

    1. They refined/ perfected the Flight Plate, Zoom popping issues have been resolved, the midsole has been lowered a bit for greater court feel and the upper is stronger/ more form fitting but lighter than both previous SF2 models. When you have a shoe thats already good, you just need to make minor adjustments to make them better.

  2. I dont think blake griffin would like a lower midsole.
    Blake griffin isnt a court feeling shoe guy.
    That dude flys.

    1. Im pretty sure that an athlete that leaps before he thinks would need stability and court feel over higher off the ground cushion to prevent injury and allow the non thinker to react more. These will do that without limiting the amount of cushion since the Zoom unit is the same size as last yr. Just bc a guy is big doesnt mean that he cannot benefit from a more natural ride, usually its the opposite.

  3. Any idea for a release date for the Melo 11s. If they use more premium products and have zoom in the heel i may save my money.

  4. I just ordered the Jordan SuperFly 2 PO for $89.99 at FinishLine with free shipping! Is this shoe better than the original??? And is this deal a bang for your buck deal??

  5. I loved the super fly 2 po. although ist not that durable outdoors. Do u think i get the same with the new one?. it seems as if they removed the inlay, which concerns me. Thx Peace

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