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Jordan Super.Fly 2 Varsity Maize/ Gamma Blue

We first previewed the Jordan Super.Fly 2 in Varsity Maize & Gamma Blue during our Jordan Brand Holiday 2013 Preview.

This vibrant new colorway has begun to hit overseas retailers which means the U.S. probably isn’t too far behind. I’m usually not a fan of yellow uppers but this shoe looks great with the color pallet… gives a classic Hornets vibe to it.

Check out some detailed shots below and let me know what you think.

Jordan Super.Fly 2 Varsity Maize Gamma Blue 1

Jordan Super.Fly 2 Varsity Maize Gamma Blue 2

Jordan Super.Fly 2 Varsity Maize Gamma Blue 3

Jordan Super.Fly 2 Varsity Maize Gamma Blue 4

Jordan Super.Fly 2 Varsity Maize Gamma Blue 5

Jordan Super.Fly 2 Varsity Maize Gamma Blue 6

Jordan Super.Fly 2 Varsity Maize Gamma Blue 7

Via aFew

  1. I remember seeing these 8 months ago here in Houston during the All-Star game festivities. I can’t believe that they are just now making it to market.

      1. 36 and no I was a track star. Football came next, but I always hooped recreationally. I didn’t really take off with Basketball until my Houston Rockets started going nuts in the 90s when I was finishing high school.

        1. Did you keep up with any of the bad ass htown high school teams back then? Probably before your time (from what you said) but ever see Milby when Tim Moore was there? North Shore with Joe Stephens? Clear Lake with Steve Smith and Michael Glass? If not, how about the Willowridge teams with TJ Ford? Man I miss the old days if Houston high school hoops!

          1. I don’t even think that you could’ve look up all of that on Google. Are you from the H? How old are you? And Willowridge is my Alma Mater.

        2. The formatting is so weird on here that it’s hard to respond. Posted the last one early. Posting this one up higher for more room! I’m 39. Born and raised in Houston and balled for Friendswood. Lived in Miami for the past 11 years though. Ridge had some bad asses over the years! Malik Evans, McFarland, Ford..Ewing..and the dude that came off the bench that they called “Vince Carter”. Poor guy would have been a star on any other team but barely saw the floor on that Ridge team!

          1. Yeah the time stamps are not U.S. zones , but we have to make do.

            Southeast I see, that’s what’s up. I’ve been hitting up South Beach every June for the past few years. As you may well know, the Heat are still causing ruckus out there by that time.

            I do know of the guys that you have mentioned, particularly Ford & Ewing, but I didn’t really follow HS or college teams after I left.

    1. I would buy those in a heart beat. Does anyone know when the solid SE’s are dropping? Season starts soon and I don’t know how long I wanna wait for shoes

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