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Jordan Super.Fly 2 – Detailed Look & Review

The Jordan Super.Fly 2 will be unleashed – sort of – starting tomorrow in the Supernova colorway but for a more widespread & general release, they will land at retailers on August 1st.

If you wanted a detailed look & review on the Jordan Super.Fly 2 prior to their release then Kicks On Court has you covered.

Check out some detailed images below along with a video review and stay tuned for the Performance Teasers.













  1. Can’t wait for the full review & the teasers for these. Very much curious with the cushioning set-up. I’m guessing traction will be good.

  2. How do these compare to the XX8s? They feel similar except the absence of the zoom air in the heel? Glad to see how ur success has progressed. Keep it up bro!

  3. I have fairly wide feet and I am very interested in this shoe for playing basketball. Do you think I should go up half a size or will my true size be fine?

    1. I have wide feet too, and I would recommend going a half or a full size up. Just because Nikes/JB’s newer toe boxes seem to fit smaller and closer to you feet so you don’t get much wiggle room for you toes unless you size up. Going a full size up usually doesn’t really mess up the fit if you have a wide foot and the extra length isn’t noticeable, at least from my experience.

  4. NW, I remember what shoes those were you were referring that were really light. those were the KD V’s. I know because I had the same observation. lol.

  5. Man, you have your work cut out for you. The glove, the rose 773 II , these, air jordan 16’s , barklyposites , then you have the crazylight 3s on August 1st. Good luck.

  6. Will these bee available in grade school sizes on August 1st, or ever in that matter? I have been eyeing this shoe since the All Star game. Please reply as soon as possible. Thanks.

  7. when a foam “bottoms out” has it lost its actual protection that it provides or is it just the feeling that has been lost?

  8. Way to go NW! Jordan Brand listens to its consumer feedbacks and to your reviews. Aside from the angle that you can help on their marketing, this will help them improve their products. I think Nike should do the same. Also, your reviews help us consumers decide on what shoes to buy next before it is even released.

    Appreciate your every review. Keep it up!

  9. I’m so torn between these and Hyperdunk 2013s… any extra input and suggestions would be appreciated.

  10. Hyperdunks are slightly lighter, superfly 2 has a more responsive cushion setup. From my personal experience lunarlon is nice for shock absorption but not as responsive as zoom.

    1. Thanks, I generally play the 4+5 and I am decently quick so I think I’ll be going with the Hyperdunks for shock absorbtion and little less weight.

  11. do these have good ventilation?
    and i am trying to decide upon kobe 8,hyperdunk 2013, and the super.fly.2.which one do you think is the best for a guard?

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