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Jordan Super.Fly 2 Deconstructed

If you missed out of the post where we showed you everything you need to know about the Jordan Super.Fly 2 then you’re in luck as HUPU has taken it upon themselves to showcase the on-court beast completely disassembled.

Take a look at what makes the Super.Fly 2 what it is and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Jordan Super.Fly 2 Deconstructed 1

Jordan Super.Fly 2 Deconstructed 2

Jordan Super.Fly 2 Deconstructed 3

Jordan Super.Fly 2 Deconstructed 4

Jordan Super.Fly 2 Deconstructed 5

Jordan Super.Fly 2 Deconstructed 6

Jordan Super.Fly 2 Deconstructed 7

Jordan Super.Fly 2 Deconstructed 8

Jordan Super.Fly 2 Deconstructed 9

Jordan Super.Fly 2 Deconstructed 10

Jordan Super.Fly 2 Deconstructed 11

Jordan Super.Fly 2 Deconstructed 12

Jordan Super.Fly 2 Deconstructed 13

  1. My only complaint is they sit to high off the ground and they aren’t flexible enough for me.

    I guess they had to make the midsole thicker and denser with no heel cushion.

  2. I was looking forward to more details. The heel foam and the thickness of the upper in particular was what I was expecting.

  3. Ordered these and returned them. Heel cushion is great, but I’m with jay on the high off the ground deal. I think it’s a great shoe overall, just not for me.

    Going to stick w/ the Kobe 8s and AJXX8s for now.

      1. Yeah, but more importantly they have better court feel which I prefer over more cushion. Like I said, a great shoe, just not for me.

    1. Would you says that these are more of a center, power forward, big small forward type of shoe? and that the XX8s are more of a guard shoe?

  4. I wish they showed the actual thickness of the zoom. I’m glad these feel thick an not low to the ground, that’s what makes them so comfortable. If I wanted court feel I would wear something else like the kobe 8 or the adidas rose series. I think its interesting that its articulated and not two separate air bags. These shoes give you similar comfort of the lebron x but not as springy and with more flexible easily one of the best hoop shoes I’ve ever played in. Maybe one day they can make a similar shoe without the flightplate just see if it would make them feel a little more natural and guard friendly.

  5. I just ordered these, a lot of people in the comment session mentioned the high-off ground issue, do it mean you have a bigger shot of rolling ankle?

    1. You can roll your ankle in any shoe. I didn’t feel unstable at all in the shoe, in fact it’s great, I just prefer a shoe with better court feel.

  6. i have ordered a pair too, they are supposed to arrive tomorrow.
    Im loving your coments saying thats high off the ground, I like the shoes that way (and I play SG…)
    Mint colorway just cant wait!!!
    Thanks NW for your GREAT work, really THANKS!!!
    Greetings from Spain

  7. Btw the way I was looking at the melo m10 I was thinking that they should the xx8 look give it a rest I’m mean really the superfly was tight but the melo m10 give it a break

  8. after playing a good few times in those, I gotta say these are nice but if I was to choose XX8 are the best performance model I have played in hands down – the fit in SF2 is really good but nowhere near XX8 same as court feel.

    Waiting for the Melo M10 and hoping they will perform the same as xx8

    As usual keep up the good work mate !

    1. The fit is better in the XX8s? I thought it was better in the Super.Fly 2s? I know people have said that the court feel is better in the XX8s, but didn’t think the fit was.

      I just looked up the Melo M10 and saw some pictures of it. I really want to get a shoe with the same midsole as the XX8. Is the Melo M10 going to use the same midsole? It looks pretty similar to the XX8, but Nike, for instance, have a tendency to cheap out and change stuff, which in turn, doesn’t quite give you the same performance characteristics. Not sure if Jordan brand does the same thing as Nike though?

      Is there still going to be a XX8 SE released as well?

      Personally, I think I might like a shoe closer to the XX8, so I might wait for the Melo M10 and also the XX8 SEs before deciding on whether or not to get a pair of the Super.Fly 2s.

      Anyone know when the Melo M10s and XX8 SE are due out?

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