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Jordan Melo M10 – Black – Red – Purple

These look like a shoe Drizzy would wear.

Some people mights see purple and red. I see the Raptor 7’s. Being that the Raptor 7’s are one of my favorite shoes, these are one of my favorite Melo’s. There’s no confirmation that these actually pay homage to the Raptors, but they sure look like Raptors to me. There is also to release date, but if you stay tuned then we’ll make sure you know when they’ll release.

melo m10 raptor 1

melo m10 raptor 2

melo m10 raptor 3

melo m10 raptor 4

melo m10 raptor 5

via SneakerGaga

  1. I’d rather have a Air jordan XX8 Raptor colorway then this even though they look extremely identical. I’m just not a melo fan at all, I doubt a shoe created for a knick would pay homage to the Raptors.

    1. well then you should doubt that a shoe made for a bull would pay homage to the raptors (Jordan 7). and why do you care who the shoe is named after? Its just for performance.

      1. Let me fact check this right now. These “Raptor 7s” were originally here in 1992 before the Toronto Raptors were even an NBA ballclub in 1995. So what homage are you talking about? Raptor 7 was dubbed that because of the colorway. Jordan was pretty much out of the league as a player when the retros started taking off. So this “Paying homage” idea is like saying the Laney colorway Jordans are Warrior 5s for instance.

        Jordan is Jordan and Melo is an active player still trying to find his way to an NBA championship. Colors matter to an extent from a marketing perspective.

      2. As Dime Slinger has mentioned, The “Raptor 7s” were created long before the actual Toronto Raptors were even created. They just happened to have to say colours, thus the connection. An I care about who’s name is on the shoe because his name is like covered in it. That’s why I want this colorway in a Air Jordan XX8, so I can get that performance needs while not flashing a “Melo” heel counter.

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