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The Jordan Jumpman Z is a Zippered Air Jordan 14 for the Court

jordan jumpman z jordan 14

Instead of doing Protro Air Jordan models we are getting the Jordan Jumpman Z, a shrouded and zippered Air Jordan 14.

The Air Jordan 14 we all know and love has been given a new suede upper with perforations at the toebox and cross-hatch detailing at the heel. The mesh shroud wraps over the midfoot and is zippered on the lateral side while a traditional tongue resides beneath it. With silhouettes like the Jumpman Hustle and Jumpman Z it appears 2018 is the year of the zipper for Jordan Brand.

According to Shoe Palace, the Jordan Jumpman Z features encapsulated Air-Sole units that should keep wearers comfortable “even after hours out in the paint.” However, the original Air Jordan 14 featured heel Zoom Air and forefoot articulated Zoom Air. Underfoot is the same full-length herringbone traction used on the AJXIV. The shoe is designated a basketball sneaker and priced like one.

The Jordan Jumpman Z is available now at ShoePalace.com for $160 in an ‘Olive/Green/Black’ colorway. Sizes 8 to 13 are stocked.

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jordan jumpman z


jordan jumpman z air jordan 14



jordan jumpman z traction



jordan jumpman z jordan 14


jordan jumpman z


jordan jumpman z heel




Images courtesy of Shoe Palace

  1. What’s the difference between air-sole units the zoom air included in the original? I’m definitely interested in picking these up, but I hoop for hours and cushion is a must-have for me… if these can’t meet that demand then they may not be good for me.

  2. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little…
    These are fugly and so is the price! I thought repurposing tooling is supposed to help decrease price! Instead we get Air sole instead of Zoom?

  3. One thing I wish got upgraded from the 14 was the tongue, because for some reason my tendons at the front of the collar get pinched funny. This doesn’t look like the solution. And yeah, the cushion description is a head-scratcher. To be honest, this doesn’t look bad, but it doesn’t sound like anyone would really look for this.

  4. The Jordan designer stalks back and forth in his office, fuming with frustration. “They want something new, but they also want the same old crap retroed again and again!!!” he wails in utter torment. “I know! I’ll combine the two, and make something no one will want! That’ll show those ungrateful swine!” He furiously scribbles out his monstrosity, laughin maniacly at his abomination.

    A year later, the beast he created sits in an outlet, unwanted and ignored, in the back shadowy corner of the hash wall, with a 50% off sticker, along with an additional 20% off for the weekend.

    1. Lmao, exactly!!! If they would of kept the cushioning and made the upper of some sort of knit and added some flex grooves or something then they would have something but i guess jordan brand doesnt want to make an actual proto and make sales

      1. Yeah, if you’re gonna remix old shoes protro is the way to go. Its the best of both worlds. This right here is a waste of materials.

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