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Jordan Jumpman Pro Retro 2017 | Detailed Look and Review

I was very excited when I heard the Jordan Jumpman Pro would see a proper looking Retro in 2017. Was excited…

I’m not going to go off on a big written tangent about why Jordan Brand tugs at my nostalgic heart strings so much as the detailed look and review within the video pretty much sums things up. I’m just surprised (I don’t know why) that Jordan Brand keeps doing this. With the advancements in shoe technology, there is no logical reason or excuse for this any longer. Not that there was an excuse before, but really now, there is no excuse. It’s just blatant disregard for the consumers that support the brand.

That’s about all I’ll say. I can feel the words trying to pour out of my finger tips and through the keyboard. Not this time, nostalgia… not this time.

If you end up grabbing a pair of the Jordan Jumpman Pro Retro for 2017 I genuinely hope that you are happy with them.

  1. I also had a pair of the originals, and I can say I’m not surprised the way JB has bastardized and degraded their models from the past. Some of my favorite models such as The Glove, Penny 4, Team Jordans, etc…..all are essentially shells of their former selves.

    Zoom Air used to be life. I hope someone like you can get JB/Nike to realize the error of their ways because they’re pushing the 30+ year olds out of the market with the choices to offer subpar products and it sucks.

  2. yes JB can do better than that, but they won’t. just because it’ll make the current models (AJ, superfly’s, CP3’s, Melo’s) look outdated. makes me think that they have nothing up their sleeves anymore.

  3. Damn, I really wanted the OG black/white/gold. We don’t get the retro team models here in the Philippines, so we’de have to get them overseas. But this retro treatment just makes the price and the effort of having them shipped not worth it.

  4. I think the issue is that Nike/JB probably found that accurate lesser-known retros weren’t likely to turn a decent enough profit against increased (tech) investment. They’re probably trying to assess how things sell by name or by actual substance, so this stuff is probably just experimental filler to test the market throughout the retail-to-clearance life cycle.

    It’s a kick in the nuts to anyone who has sentimental attachment to a certain pair, especially since they’re putting a ridiculous price tag on them. $140 could just go to flat-out better shoes overall. It’s better spent towards a “remastered” sig retro that was done better — although maybe their scheme is to make you think that way.

    Still, I think it’s a bit sad that we have to consider Zoom a premium thing. Most “advanced form” of it I tried was the Melo M11’s Flight Speed and OG HyperRev’s full-length setup. The M11 just made for a cool sensation, and the Rev was pleasantly smooth, but it’s not like they’re anywhere close to Boost or any proficient foam setup imo.

  5. Damn I feel your pain, defeat and hope.

    This is becoming a “fool me once…” situation when it comes to Nike90’sbball/Jumpman retros.
    Bought the Hawk Flights off eBay last week. (Grade 7 shoe and GP being my guy) The fact Nike made the shoe without the green sole and blk/yellow carbon fibre ruined the nostalgia.
    Same when the Gloves didn’t have a carbon fibre plate.

    Definitely a first world problem but we live it so not apologizing for it.
    Thanks for the video and keep up the good work.

  6. These shoes “look” beautiful.. They screwed up these and the Penny 4. Can’t wait to see your Penny 4 (2017) review.

  7. You get about as mad as I do about this. You couldn’t have said it better, “We are the reason you are a brand”. You feel like I felt when the Air Unlimited finally retroed 20+ years later. I’m gonna have to make my way to the Bay Area just so we can chop it up and get angry.

  8. Hello Chris and thank your again for your work. Just like you, seeing these shoes brought back nostalgia. I remember that these were the shoes I was actually trying to get when they were released. In no way was I able to afford a shoe from the signature line, but when JB released these I began hoping that I could actually get a pair of Jordans. Now I grew up in Romania, and at that time shipping for Romania was a non-option for any shoe retailer so I ended up watching College games on internet or CNBC-Sports and drooling at these shoes. The thing was that I could almost get them if I could just find a way… Now this OG release made me dream again, but my dreams turned to nightmare after seeing your video… Actually, just like with the AD’s, we have a good shell with merely nothing inside; These are, in fact, officially endorsed knock-offs. So, I guess, I have to wait another 10-15 years for a new re-release and hope they do it the right way next time. So thanks for saving me the money, but many more thanks for saving me the disappointment (I couldn’t stand to keep these… I guess since you actually had / have the originals can handle it better… or is it worse – LOL).

  9. I ve been fallowing you since your ealy years and I must say i still love what you do, keep it that way we need it.

  10. not trying to be nit-picky but the stitched jumpman on these looked funny in a bad way. like those I have seen from replica shoes.

  11. These and the Air Penny 4 retros are nothing more than authorized knock-offs, and i was drooling over those Pennys until i saw the deconstruction. Why can we pick up running shoes with heel/forefoot Zoom at just over $100 but in basketball shoes we have to pay a premium for shoes that lack the technology they had 15-20 years ago?

  12. PREACH! My first pair of Js were the 6s and I owned various models throughout the years of both the sig and team models. I absolutely cannot get behind this company any longer. I refuse to spend my money on cheap shit with the tech removed that sort of resembles the OG. I’m done with JB and Nike until they fix this issue with their retros. I won’t purchase new models and I certainly won’t be purchasing any of these pieces of garbage.

  13. Amazing review. Thanks a million. Like you, I’ll be buying a pair But only on sale. Casual purposes only. Very disappointed but not a shocker from Nike/Jordan brand. So much for remastered. Maybe they’ll learn once Adidas becomes a threat if they aren’t already. Idk the statistics. But reviews from wear tester will help make the right choice. Just sucks that I love this shoe so much that I’ll still buy just to have. This shoe brings memories like no other sneaker. Maybe that counts for something

  14. Definitely sad what’s happening, but it started with Nike Sportswear. It’s even bleeding into the signature models; anyone own the 2017 XV Retro? There’s no way these have Zoom. A decent sockliner, heel air-sole, that’s about it.

  15. I’d been waiting for this review. It’s worse than I expected.

    In the 90’s and early 2000’s, the most incredible shoes were made.

    I think the reason Nike and JB are doing this is because if they released the real deal, it would overshadow their mostly mediocre current lineup.

    They don’t want people buying these over the CP3, ultra.fly, etc. If they used the old materials (quality) and removed the zoom except in the forefoot, it would still be better than those I just mentioned.

    Despite being hot, there is nothing like a leather basketball shoe’s fit and comfort. That’s why I bought the leather version of the CP3.VII (all star edition).

    It was the last good cp3 IMO.

  16. Thanks for your open words. It’s a real shame what Jb did there. I hope they take notice.
    Still I once more demand a re-release of the Nike Air Alonzo.

  17. Totally agreed! Why JB why? Have to ask millions of millions of times! Dont butcher the classics please!!!!! The team 1 n 2 were on spot but these n the XVs! No front zoom n shank! %&@!

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