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Jordan Future – Detailed Look + Release Info

The Jordan Future is a ‘new’ model from the brand that takes some serious design cues from the past.

Sleek and elegant, the modern look of the Jordan Future is pretty astounding… seeing as how the tooling of the shoe is essentially from 1995. The upper is a woven, 3M laced one piece that reminds me of the Air Jordan XV. It really reminds me of the Jordan XV Moc which was a slip on off-court model back when I was in High School… I liked them back then and still do now. These will allow you to dress up while dressing down a bit while still having some sportswear style to it.

Overall, I’m kind of liking what I’m seeing… the $185 price tag on the other hand… not so much. These will hit retailers on March 1st and be sure to let me know what you think about them down below.

Jordan Future - Detailed Look + Release Info 1

Jordan Future - Detailed Look + Release Info 2

Jordan Future - Detailed Look + Release Info 3

Jordan Future - Detailed Look + Release Info 4

Jordan Future - Detailed Look + Release Info 5

Jordan Future - Detailed Look + Release Info 6

Jordan Future - Detailed Look + Release Info 7

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  1. There is no way I’m paying $185 for a shoe outdated tech. If the had unlocked zoom, I’d consider it but full length air just isn’t worth it.

  2. The will hit sales racks. Too many people will be cynical to them being “jordan 11 ripoffs” which is when i move in for the kill! i think these are pretty cool…..for 140 or so

  3. That upper look pretty dope but really taking the sole of one of the greatest Jordan’s come on

  4. Jordan Brand with another overpriced FrankenShoe made from random/spare parts of other shoes. Oh wait lemme look into my crystal ball… people are going to be disappointed in materials/construction when they actually see the shoe in person!

  5. I dont know what to think. on the one hand you have the XI sole in bright green that looks like its for on court use. then a woven upper that most certainly is for casual purposes only along w/ an astounding price tag! so what are they good for? the upper would get destroyed on court and the sole makes them unwearable off it

  6. Hey NW are we getting a performance review on these? I’m really interested in this shoe for some odd reason, and maybe its because of the 11 tooling with some updated tech.

  7. I love these….BUT…last time I loved a jordan was the son of mars. Picked them up full price and the next day they were on the sale rack. was hella pissed…Im gonna get these, just gotta wait until they go up for sale.

  8. I don’t understand the “Future” tag when the main concepts behind the shoe are from previous designs.

  9. My 2 hypothesis as to why they are $185. Either that fabric has Kevlar or some fancy fabric (XX8), or they are just exploiting the consumers because of 11 outsole… Hmmm… Waiting till these hit sale racks or outlets.

  10. Transplant these outsoles to a Gamma 11, do a couple of color tweaks, voila! You got a 28 Days Of Flight 11 Custom.

  11. I like them. Nothing wrong with changing things up a bit. I agree with you on the $185 price tag being a lil steep for the shoe, that’s my only gripe.

  12. These are interesting…if they’re a performance model (which I think they must be for 185) they will breathe amazingly with the woven material (I’m assuming it’s kevlar for support+durability) and the outsole is a proven winner as far as performance goes…can’t say anything about cushioning just blindly, but if they’re basically 11s with an upper like a modded XV, then these things are going to be absolute tanks, flexible, and supportive all at once…I can be patient and wait for a price drop…Good lookin out NW

  13. if they are a limited release……. i hope not they will take off like a Glendora arsin fire (sad to say that but many homes were detroyed). they look……ok and i’m sure person will be a different scenario cause you will find yourself getting sucked in. IF they are limited and then new uppers are made up that I am sure like Lebron with Cork, denim, Suade, Kobe’s prelude 1 type material set up these will go on forever.

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