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Jordan Future- Detailed look

Today we get an extremely detailed look of the Jordan Future in 2 color ways. I think it was a great decision not to put translucent outsoles on these. For some reason I just don’t think the translucent outsoles would work well with such a plain upper. I also sort of like the off-set laces and the aglets. These two color ways will find their way onto shelves on the 15th.













via Overdope

      1. Any shoes that have proper traction, cushion and support can be basketball shoes

        The only thing I would concern is if the upper is supportive enough

        Kevin Martin can ball in these, I don’t see the reason why we can’t try to.

        1. dont forget fit, if a shoe doesn’t have good fit then forget about it, i assume these will have a decent fit.

        2. One can play basketball in any shoes if you know how to play. Or don’t know how. Or just want to play with homies.

          Did you know that some decades ago most players wore Classic Converse All Star models, even the low ones?
          Google it and you’ll see plenty.

          Technology in producing basketball shoes for on-court needs really advanced beginning with Jordan era.
          So, in modern era you have shoes that fit modern on-court players, their movements, stability, protection…
          Still you can freely choose. Or be paid to wear.

          “Jordan Future” clearly is NOT a on-court shoe and it was explained here earlier.
          But you can wear them and play basketball, handball, you can run or whatever sport.
          Nevertheless, for basketball on-court game, choose wisely, so you don’t get dissapointed.

          1. Most Of Players Ball Who Played On Poor Cushion Shoes (Example: Chuk Taylors), Could Have Knee Pain (I Know Some)
            You Can Play Barefoot, But I Bet You Will Regret Not Play On Performance Shoe If You Can Afford Them.

  1. These look more like a casual shoe than an actual on-court shoe. I want to see them in person, but I bet they’ll look good with jeans.

  2. Still not feeling these. I don’t totally hate them when you view them from the sole (special place in my heart for the xi’s.). Kevin Martin wore these during a game so it looks like even if they are not “meant” as an athletic shoe you can use them that way. To be fair Kevin Martin weigh’s about 110 pounds soaking wet. But still… It can be done.

    1. Plus he’s not exactly what one would call an “explosive player”. I would love to see someone like Westbrook or CP3 to play in these and see if they even have ankles by the end of the night lol

  3. Wow! THE FUTURE IS THE XI with stich fuse or other upper on it. Tinker Hatfield is spinning in his grave! Oh..he’s not dead..carry on Team Jordan/Nike. If this is the future…get me a time machine….so I can go back! Hmm…the FUTURE might not be so bad with everyone in a fancy XI, problem is…When this is released, is it going to be called the “CURRENT”! and then after that exact moment in time…THE PAST?!!!!

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