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Jordan Brand Officially Unveils the Super.Fly 5

WearTesters brought you a peek of the Jordan Super.Fly 5 here just two weeks ago from an overseas boutique, but tech specs were just speculation and colorways and release dates were not available. Fortunately, the shoe was chopped and deconstructed by Chinese site fastpass. Today, Jordan Brand sends official release info to us so we can give it to you, the interested parties. So, here we go…

Officially, the cushioning is forefoot Zoom only with a Phylon heel. The upper is lightweight mesh (like the Super.Fly 4 reviewed here) with fuse areas around the heel (looking like the Melo 12 a little) and the ankle collar/fit pads coming back (again, like the Melo 12, which in this case isn’t bad). A full-length inner sleeve completes the upper, while the outsole is a one-piece solid rubber with XDR options available overseas.

The Super.Fly 5 will release officially overseas on June 30 and globally on August 1. For more images and info visit the Nike News site.

Will they perform as well as the Super.Fly 4? Only one way to know — stay tuned…

Jordan Brand Super.Fly 5

Release Date: June 30 (China), August 1 globally

Retail: $150









Photos via Nike

  1. $150?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! LMFAO!!!!! These ppl are high. JB, go home. You’re drunk. Smaller zoom for $150.00 when the KD is full length max zoom for the same. Now, you know you’re paying for a name. That’s just ridiculous. I’m not even sure what I expected.

    1. Even if someone argues that they want low profile for court feel…$150 for the same ol’ same ol’? Nah.

  2. Im not 100% sure if the previous super flys were unlocked zoom or not, but if they were, why go backwards?

    And I dont know the process with making shoes but you would think since zoom has been around for like 20 years they would at least be able to put some heel cushion in one of their supposed top performing shoes

    1. Like you can get the KD9 for the same price? JB and Nike are essentially one company so how can this happen

    2. Yes, the Super.Fly 2 and 3 were both unlocked. Then they went backward last year and away from unlocked with the J shaped zoom. Now, they come full circle with this and for this price point. You can literally get the Melo for way cheaper right now without a discount code in some spots. This make NO sense.

  3. JB with a big time fail on this one! Is it even a full sized Zoom bag? Or did they just throw one of those really $$, really high quality rectangles in a SF.2 silhouette & call it an overpriced day?!

  4. SF 4 was a good performer, but just like it this shoe will be sub $100 in certain colorways in no time. People balk at initial prices but FFS you KNOW it’s going to be discounted quickly and you WILL be able to get this ish for like $80-90 later in the year. Chill out.

    1. That’s 100 percent true but doesn’t negate the fact that the initial price makes no sense. I guess they figure that some people will actually go for it initially to make up the true price that they know the majority will sell for. However, it still seems like someone threw a dart at a paper with different prices to decide the initial price of this.

  5. $150!!! Don’t be the next Whitney Houston Jordan Brand. Crack rock is whack. You are precious. Just say no.

  6. Lmao KD9 here I come. that $150 price point for what you are getting in this shoe is a total joke. I would pay maybe $100-$110 tops for these. JB has really dropped the ball with their performance models recently. Hopefully next year they can start fresh and really make their performance shoes worth the cost smh.

  7. 150 for the smallest zoom they had lying around at the factory. I ain’t got no time for that.

  8. If this is the case…ill go with the KD 9 or the crazylight 2016.. Hopefully JB or NIKE will realize that the competition they have with addidas or UA is already up rising..

    1. Even if this was cheaper, why would you go for it over the KD 9 or CL Boost 2016? They both look to be better performers than this.

  9. I dont know why they dont put anything in the heel, but i think the look dope aesthetically. I wanna try that upper and the traction looks good. I can live with these on disco

  10. Hmm I don’t want to believe that we’re witnessing the beginning of the end of flightspeed/unlocked zoom, so I take it they’re going to use it for AJ only to reposition their product differentiation. Either way I thought JB itself was supposed to mean premier so all JB products should’ve been top of the line.

  11. I see this as an attempt to force the Melo’s into the spotlight, the last couple of Melo’s (m11/m12) lost serious ground to the Super.Fly(after the Melo’s made a huge jump forward with the m9, and m10), but instead of improving the Melo’s, this a less constructive option, just squeeze the Super.Fly, and raise the price-point.

  12. Guys, guys, take a second and think this through… You know how Disney is crafting their characters to kinda look like the the actors who give them their voices? This is what JB is doing here…they are using the shoe to reflect upon a now mediocre, overpriced player that Blake has become. He is the shoe’s “endorser” afterall. I’m just glad that adidas is using the reverse-analogy on the D-Rose line..lol.

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