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Jordan Brand Holiday 2014 Lineup

air-jordan-6-retro-black-infrared-2014The Jordan Brand Holiday 2014 lineup is here! This holiday season is going to be CRAZY. According to Modern Notoriety, the Air Jordan VI “Infrared” (original black form), the Air Jordan XI “Pantone” or “UNC,” the Air Jordan XI “Legend Blue,” the Air Jordan XIV “Burgundy,” and supposedly the Air Jordan XIII “Grey Toe” will be part of Jordan Brand’s 2014 Holiday lineup. This could change depending on how credible the source is but this is, and I hate this word, epic. Check out some photos below and let us know what you think about his possible Jordan Brand Holiday 2014 Lineup!air-jordan-13-grey-toe air-jordan-11-columbia1 90f3b994b07411e3a40d122259a2a643_8 air-jordan-11-pantone-20141-1Via MN.


  1. Despite wanting the grey toes. id need to try and double up on whatever they are calling columbias now.
    I really dont feel ill get a pair of any though. Im going to be needing the command forces too badly by then

  2. same retro’s over and over and over. every one of these with the exception of red XIV’S has been retro’ed to death..im done with jb..Moving on

    1. The columbias have only retroed once, so they have released twice in total. The grey toe XIIIs have only ever released once. The Pantones have never released. I’ve been done with JB I’m just saying is all.

      1. I wasnt talking colours as much as model in particular. The Vi’s for example have been retroed what….four or five times in the past 6 years or maybe seven? 9 different colours since 08 The XIV got retroed in 2010 0r 2012 I think and the XI release every year. sometimes like this year two or three times. the thirteens got retroed in 12 or 13 I think before that in 9 or 10? My point is there are 9 models that have not been retroed in any way since 2008 and they dont count (IMO) cuz the colours and quality were shoddy at best.

    2. Dude their just giving young sneakerheads a chance to get ahold of a pair without paying 500$ for the og’s

  3. Every one stats they’re done with JB, but someone still buys the stuff.

    I’d get those 11’s if they’re on shelf, but i ain’t lining up for any.

    I’m all about on court performance beast anyway 🙂

  4. I really hope those AJVIs infra-breds have the 3M like the OGs?…I see white threw the leather holes on the upper on that pic??…hmm?..all the other AJVIs didnt have that so…/ crossin my fingerz

  5. Those Columbia 11s are just too much white for me. The UNC are a thought, but probably not worth a hours of wait in line for.

  6. Nice shoes!! JB knows that everyone will be wanting to pick these up. Only ones that I’m thinking are the Columbia 11’s. I’m not a fan of the Red 14’s and I already have the red and white 13’s. The only other shoes I’m waiting for are the White & Blue 6’s, now those are a must for me. If I can’t get those I just might have to try and get the Infared 6’s. For all these shoes, I might to get a part-time job to help me pay for them.

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