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ISlide NBA Legends Jersey Pack | Available Now

ISlide USA just launched the latest lineup of slides and they feature the jerseys of some of your favorite NBA Legends.

You already know I had to go with my man Chris Mullin — he was the first sharp shooter I was able to witness live growing up. These slides are my personal favorite (speaking of the brand, although this may be my favorite version of the slides) and I wear them to and from the court all the time. They’re super comfortable and have proven to be durable as well.

If you wanted to look a bit cooler with some custom NBA Legend slides then head over to ISlideUSA.com to see if they have your favorite NBA Legend available.

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  1. Chris Mullin was an incredible shooter. I recall reading some of the previous generation players (guys from the 2000s) that said his shooting routine before games was really something to watch.

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