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Introducing the New Kid on the Block: Crossover Culture

The newest brand on the block, Crossover Culture, provides basketball performance footwear created for basketball players by basketball players.

Three on-court models have been created to cater to any player on the court, not just a single type of player. The Sniper LP, Sniper LP Low, and the Fortune LP all utilize the same tooling while offering slightly modified builds along the upper. This offers options for a player’s personal preference on material comfort while outfitting any sized athlete on the floor. A true crossover shoe, so to speak.

Each model comes equipped with the the brand’s LP Energy System. A newly engineered foam cushion developed with its chemical research partners, the foam compound aims to provide impact protection, along with stability, for the life of the shoe. “Wishbone suspension” is in place for torsional stability and support without restricting flex zones. Additionally, thick rubber is in place with multi-directional traction coverage.

It’s always nice to see new brands emerge from today’s seemingly stagnant climate of performance footwear. Hopefully, consumers are willing to give Crossover Culture a try because we’ve seen several newer brands come and go due to the unwillingness of consumers to try something different.

All of the Crossover Culture sneakers mentioned here drop at Eastbay.com on February 10. Prices range from $80 to $120.

Share your thoughts on Crossover Culture below and stay tuned for performance reviews on each of the models we went over.

  1. I think part of the problem of getting people to try new brands is the price tag. $80 is a great price to pay for something I already believe in, but it’s still a bit steep to try something that’s unknown. Especially with sales that can get you very well known performers for less than that, it’s hard to get consumer’s to take that leap. And I know these prices often reflect the startup costs so it would be difficult to price them any lower. They pretty much have to build their reputation through this site before most people will take a chance.

    1. I agree. However, that mentality is part of the problem. Everyone complains about big corporations taking over and not enough options. Then options are given and the people complain about the money.

      1. And if it’s too cheap everyone assumes they’re terrible. I think these carry a fair price especially since they are providing different options at different price points.

        1. I agree OZKA. To me, I learned that u get what u pay for. I bought the inexpensive Kobe’s two years ago and had to stop wearing them. They were messing up my feet.

      2. That’s why reviews like yours are so important. It’s to help us develop some trust in these brands instead of taking a leap of faith that they will perform well on court.

  2. This new brand has a Brandblack feel. Premium products for basketball players by basketball players. I can’t wait to see these

  3. Fortune LP looks like a cross breed of Kyrie 3 and Li Ning WoW models, haha.. Nonetheless, all the shoes looked cool… Interesting concept though..

  4. I think the fortune lp are a cop for me. Love the look, hopefully the traction and cushion are great. Easily can make my rotation

  5. I like these… especially the hightop version. Although I agree with you that the pull tab should have included the inner bootie. I’d like to know if there’s like foam padding in the ankle area, like those ankle pillows? Will watch out for your performance review on those. Hopefully, they play as good as they look.

  6. I like the crafted mil (red lifestyle high tops). How’s the fit? I would rock those. Its shade of red looks hot too.

  7. I might order these. If they’re designed by ballers how can u go wrong? The price to me is fair, for a good product.

  8. Ordered pair for my son. At first sight he wanted these over custom Nike Kyrie’s. My thought when seeing these was they looked like Adidas Crazy Explosives under different brand.

    With 4 games left in season we will see how they work. Will try to post review. He is playing at 8th grade level.

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