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How to Buy Limited Shoes for Retail

If you’re like Chris and the rest of us at WearTesters, your quest to cop limited sneaker releases often ends in failure. It’s way more difficult than it should be. SIGH. We’re tired of taking so many losses. So we’re fixing that by bringing in an expert to teach us how to buy limited shoes for retail.

So what type of expert knows how to buy limited shoes for retail? One that’s been in the sneaker industry for a long time and founded two successful companies. Dejan Pralica (DP for short and @dp16 on Twitter), founded both Kicks Deals and SoleSavy.

Kicks Deals is the original sneaker deal finder. It’s an absolute must follow on Twitter for anyone into shoes. SoleSavy focuses more on release days and limited shoes. It’s an exclusive sneaker community that provides the tools and resources to successfully purchase the products you want for retail without using a bot. SoleSavy is the ultimate “F-U” to resellers and completely focused on bringing back true sneaker culture.

What’s in the video?

DP and his team bring an insane amount of knowledge to the table. If you’re frustrated by the process of copping limited shoes these days, they teach the type of skills you need. Their tips can make the difference between a win or a loss on the shoes you want.

In the video, DP lets Chris ask him a bunch of questions and supplies his expertise on a wide range of topics. Here’s some of what they discuss:

  • DP’s background
  • True sneaker culture
  • Resellers
  • Sneaker blogs
  • How SoleSavy can help you
  • How to buy limited releases
  • SNKRS tips
  • Monitors
  • Random restocks
  • Brands and their real customers
  • The future of the sneaker industry

As an added bonus, you’ll get amazing rants from Chris on both resellers and how sneaker blogs are selling out.

Let us know your opinion on these strategies for how to buy limited shoes for retail on YouTube or Twitter.

Watch the full video by pressing play above or by clicking here to watch on YouTube.

How to Buy Limited Shoes for Retail

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