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Hoka Ora Luxe Review

HOKA Ora Luxe

The Hoka Ora Recovery Slide has been a mainstay of post-run footwear for a long time. If you run, you’ve likely seen someone lounging in them post-race. Hoka has now upscaled the Ora Slide and created the Hoka Ora Luxe.

We’ve talked to plenty of runners that won’t touch any all-foam sandals because they think they’re ugly or something that should be worn in a nursing home. And even though Kanye West is trying to change that perception with his much-hyped Yeezy Slides, it’s probably for the best that Hoka provides a more casual-friendly option.

So let’s dig into what the Hoka Ora Luxe offers and whether it’s worth your money. Spoiler alert! The Hoka Ora Luxe made it onto our list of the best slides of 2024.

Hoka Ora Luxe

Release Date: July 2022

Price: $80

Weight: 7.4 oz

Drop: 6 mm (25 mm forefoot, 31 mm heel)

Sizing: True to Size

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  • Rundown: The Hoka Ora Luxe is a satisfying blend of cushion and support. The price is a little high but the durability and versatility provide good value.
Hoka Ora Luxe Outsole

Drew’s Take

Reviewing a slide like the Hoka Ora Luxe is a bit different than a performance running shoe. There’s not really as much to cover. But I think I can touch on some stuff that will help you decide whether you’d like to put these sandals on your feet.

For me, the most important part of any slide is the footbed. It makes or breaks the overall comfort. The Hoka Ora Luxe features some swooping lines that feel great on the bottom of the feet plus help prevent sliding. The raised bump that sits underneath the toes is perfectly placed and also keeps these slides on your feet. Finally, there’s a raised bumper around the edges that prevents the spillovers common in most slides or flip-flops.

The raised bumper does mean you have to get the sizing right…if you buy them too small you’ll feel it. Luckily, the fit is true to size. Buy your typical slides or sandals size and the Ora Luxe should fit perfectly.

The EVA midsole isn’t what I would call plush compared to other post-run slides. I’d say it’s a nice cross between sink-in comfort and support. After a long run, the Hoka Ora Luxe does a lot of the work for my tired feet.

My only complaints would be 1) the price and 2) the white version of the Ariaprene canopy.

$80 is steep for a slide, though if you need a supportive, plush sandal with some casual appeal you don’t really have many other options. And the Ariaprene canopy (a mesh and foam combo) is super comfy on the top of the foot. But being white, it does pick up dirt easily and starts to yellow. I’ve used the Ora Luxe for two months of regular wear and the canopy is now an aged yellow. I’d recommend buying any color except the white version.

Hoka Ora Luxe Full View

Tyler’s Take

I had doubts about these slides as most of the ones in my closet are either from the $5 bin at my local store or so old that I have to hide them from my wife so she doesn’t throw them out. I’ve never ponied up the dollars or justified a “recovery” slide. Lucky for me, the Hoka Ora Luxe showed up and (unfortunately) opened my eyes. I can honestly say that in the two-plus months I’ve had them, there have been just a handful of days where they haven’t been on my feet at some point throughout the day. In fact, the Ora Lux is on my feet as I write this.

Like many, I work from home and business attire has taken a major back seat in my daily life – at least from the waist down, and these have fit in perfectly. 

Out of the box, the fit and finish are excellent. $80 excellent? Eh maybe not, but darn close in my opinion. I found they run true to size, which was great because I find myself sizing down in most other slides/sandals. 

Another huge benefit of the Hoka Ora Luxe is that after weeks upon weeks of wear, I don’t feel any compressing or softening of the footbed – they’re as comfortable as they were out of the box. Echoing Drew, I think the balance of sink-in comfort and support is right, with the needle moving a little more toward the support side. To boot, the outsole still looks brand new – and believe me, I’ve done a lot of walks to the mailbox (Editor’s Note: we have rigorous testing standards for slides ?).

In all seriousness, I think this is not only a fantastic run recovery slide (similar to Drew, these go on my feet right after a run and have helped alleviate sore legs) but just a great daily wear slide. Come winter, these will still be in my daily rotation (I’m already dreaming about how these will feel with some cozy wool socks).

Oh and one more thing, I’d agree that the colorway is a bit meh, but the comfort makes up for it (how about an off-white with some brown or tan accents, Hoka?).

Hoka Ora Luxe Top View

Hoka Ora Luxe Summary

The Hoka Ora Luxe is much more than a recovery slide and anyone looking for all-day comfort should take note. It’s a pretty satisfying blend of cushion and support. True the price is a little high, but the Ora Luxe is versatile and should last plenty long enough to justify paying a little more upfront.

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