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Ginormous @Eastbay Air Jordan Retro Restock

Huge news from Eastbay, as the online retailer is set to release 48  past Jordan releases, in some popular colorways. There is a catch, however, as many of the more limited sneakers will only come in sizes 14 and up. Rest assured, small-average foot sneakerheads, as some sneakers like the Black 5Lab3 and the ‘Carmine’ 6 will release in full size runs.

The restock is set for tomorrow, July 22nd, 2014, at 8 am EST. Check out all the sneakers on the Eastbay restock HERE. Let us know what you plan on picking up.

Ginormous @Eastbay Air Jordan Retro Restock 2 Ginormous @Eastbay Air Jordan Retro Restock 1

  1. It’s moments like this when I wish I had huge feet. Looks like the only one I’m really interested in that will have my size is the Jordan Retro 11 Low in the Black Infared colorway. And with it being Eastbay and a Jordan retro that’s pretty much impossible. So I think this time I will just sleep and not put myself through the frustration.

  2. Are the IIs fitting half a size big this year? I need to know before an hour and some change lol.

  3. Trying to log into the site at 6:02 am Pacific time, and it’s super packed. Site crashes. Just want Jordan 11 low infrared in size 11 or 10.5

  4. Their servers can barely handle a single release, Yet alone a 48 pair release. Ridiculous. Their management team and PR team who set this up need to be fired.

  5. Sounds like the normal BS happened. Glad I enjoyed my sleep and didn’t go through the frustration. It’s a true shame that this is how things have become.

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