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Get a First Look at the Jordan Super.Fly 5


It looks as if the Jordan Super.Fly 5 has already landed at retailers overseas.

It’s hard to tell from this initial set of images, but it looks like the materials are a combination of Fuse, foam, and textile mesh. Some of the design portions look to be woven into the upper so maybe there is some Flyweave or performance woven mixed into the shoe as well. The most noticeable change comes from the tooling as the Flight Speed system is gone. Zoom Air is labeled at the forefoot which likely hints at zero cushion in the heel once again. Everything else you can pretty much see for yourself. Traction looks awesome, as does the anatomical shape the outsole features.

Get a first look at the upcoming Jordan Super.Fly 5 below and share your first thoughts with us in the comment section.






  1. A few minutes ago I was thinking about how there aren’t any images of superfly 5 yet because they should be leaked by now LOL thanks Nightwing!

    1. I wouldn’t count on it, but I don’t see why they don’t use it. Perhaps it’s to purposefully ensure the shoe isn’t quite as nice as the signature Jordan line, but cmon, if Nike can put heel zoom in the cheap ass hyperrev, they certainly can in the Super Fly.

  2. I personally just wish that there could be something in the heel. Why did JB go away from that? WHY?!! LOL! I know you talked extensively about it on the Melo vid. I’m just adding to that. A flight speed system with something nice in the heel would get my money. I might just grab a couple of Jordan Team 2s when the price goes down.

  3. The XX9’s didn’t have zoom in the heel and they played better than the XX8 that had heel zoom air.

    1. I never had the pleasure of playing in the 28. As soon as I was going to pull the trigger, the zoom bags started to pop like crazy. I did play in the XX9 mid and low though before selling them. I just didn’t like the overall feel underfoot. Although I did just buy the Jordan Rising High Low (Fuse/Mesh) for the hell of it and after the phylon breaks in then they feel really good and a more comfortable in the heel than i expected.

    2. Depends what you’re looking for. If you actually want heel cushion, 28 is superior. Overall cushion setup and transition is probably a bit better on the 29 though. If you want stability so you don’t roll your ankle, 28 is superior (29 is tippy in the heel). 28 has slightly better traction as well. My 28s haven’t popped, and they’re still in my rotation!

    1. Full length zoom? The outsole looks half decoupled unless the zoom bag is shaped exactly like the outsole like the kd8 had. Would be nice if they did

  4. I’m getting the feeling that we are getting back to the 28,SF2 days wherein : GRIPPY AF TRACTION. DURABLE OUTSOLE. AWESOME SOFT UPPER. COMFY FIT. SMOOTH TRANSITIONS (SF2 DAYS) FOREFOOT ZOOM THAT WORKS AF. HOPEFULLY HEEL ZOOM THAT WORKS AF TOO. (Because why not? The price should be worth it. Hyperrev 2016 had heel and forefoot zoom why can’t SF5?) Plus look at the heel part, the space, just look at it, it seems like it is intended for something HEEL ZOOM…..cough cough…… LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST THE PRICE!!! Hyperrev 2016 lowered its price. UPCOMING KD9 LOWERED IT’S PRICE. NOW ONTO THE SUPERFLY 5 SHALL THE PRICE BE DROPPED.

  5. The flight plate and overall feel of the xx8s was so much better than the xx9s IMO! The zoom felt better and everything the only problem is the bags popped in the xx8s so if they can fix that with zoom in the heel then they can have my money. I liked the sf4 jaqucard a lot even more than the xx9s and 30s….now that I’ve moved on to the kd 9(which is AAMAZING btw especially in the zoom department) my expectations have been raised for these and all premium Nike/Jordan shoes!

    1. Also, Idk how these are going to compete with what Adidas is bringing not to mention under armor and brandblack without a nice size zoom cushion in the forefoot AND heel?!

    2. I don’t think I asked this question before, but were the Zoom Air bags popping in both the heel and forefoot on the XX8s or only in one of the two?

  6. I see that XDR tag; these will last outdoors. But if theres no more flight plate, then these are a disappointing downgrade, especially if it has that puny rectangle zoom. Might as well get the Rising High for an outdoor-friendly flight plate shoe. The Superfly 2 was one of the nicest shoes I’ve played in for the last few years; shame that they couldn’t keep it up at that level.

  7. These anger me 😡 , this is the Zoom Ascention with Jordan Branding. I loved the first couple of Super.Fly but lately they’re pinching the quality, without reducing the price.

  8. Something probably most ppl would miss out, but there is a split toe design at the front of the traction that is based on the superfly/mercurial soccer cleat line that Ronaldo wears (huge soccer fan here). It’ll be interesting to see whether it works here cause the soles of soccer cleats and basketball sneakers are so different in the way it functions

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