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Get up Close and Personal with the Triple White adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016

The entire adidas Hoops lineup for 2016 looks like it’ll give ball players everything they’ve been wanting from the Three Stripes over the past few years as they implement all of their tech into each of their upcoming top tier models.

One of those models is the adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016, and Guards are going to love these. Jacquard uppers, PU overlays in high-wear areas, TPU lockdown wing and heel counter, full length Boost. Yes, these are going to be a really fun shoe to hoop in. Traction on these is amazing by the way — spoiler alert.

This colorway utilizes the recently popular Triple White theme that has everyone excited to grab and wear — unless its the Under Armour Curry 2 Low, of course. If you wanted to get up close and personal prior to their release then you’ll likely enjoy the images below.

Make sure you let us know what you think about the upcoming CL Boost and stay tuned for their upcoming performance review.

Get up Close and Personal with the Triple White adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 1

Get up Close and Personal with the Triple White adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 2

Get up Close and Personal with the Triple White adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 3

Get up Close and Personal with the Triple White adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 4

Get up Close and Personal with the Triple White adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 5


  1. This cw will make me buy 2 clb 2016. This triple white for casual use and the other for hooping. Just can’t wait for the performance and if performance wise wipp be good to players that need comfort, impact protection, and still gonna support you up.

  2. Hello Chris, I can’t decide whether to wait for these or cop a pair of Lillard2 (Bounce). Any input? Thanks for your work.

    1. Thank you. These people are painful. Unless you’re younger than 8 years of age…please use your brain.

      1. well atleast it’s not as bad as someone asking if these won’t get dirty sooner or someone asking about toe-drag. the internet is just one medium of realizing that some people are that idiotic. I have a classmate right now who is annoying as hell and always asks 50c questions over and over again.

    2. get both. just waiting for the lillard 2 to go on sale. im really curious on how bounce cushion feels like.

    3. Just go buy a pair of Lillard 2 now and then buy a pair of CL 2016 when it comes out. There I did the thinking for you now you can go back to playing Minecraft. Damn.

  3. I’m from Australia and after just checking footlocker (au) these Crazylight boosts are going to retail for $240 AUD… which is equivalent to $180 USD. Also, the KD 9 is set to retail for $300 AUD… which is not equivalent to the US retail of $150 but $220 USD.
    I cannot comprehend why we are paying so much more in Australia compared to the US.

    1. we get screwed everytime TD 🙁
      i’ve just sorted myself a shipitto us postal address but then you gotta pay postage from there to Oz. still works out cheaper imo

      1. Might have to check that out.
        I’m so thankful that I have a mate going to the states, who offered to pick these up for me lol.

      2. How much does it end up costing you using Shipitto? Would it be cheaper doing it like that then buying directly from a store like Eastbay?

        What total price would you end up paying for the CL Boost 2016 if you did it with Shipitto?

    2. In Manila the adidas models has the same price range as those of nike, and I am also talking about signature lines! Adidas’ pricing here is way up high. Good thing they upgraded performance wise. Last 5 months ago I bought Drose 6 before kobe XI came out. 8000 =drose while 9000=kobe How about that. Good thing boost performed well.

    3. Sparse population, isolated locations and Australia’s distance in genereal, crappy low Australian Dollar, mining and resource-based economy, high-wages. So yeah you can blame that on your government and the neo-Australians who is against immgrations and the bunch of lazy native-born Australians who wont work unless its a high wage. Also blame it on your country’s education and Research and Development policy. But either way I would still love to live in Australia lol.

    4. The Australian dollar makes it more expensive unfortunately. A few years ago you could have gotten much better prices and deals buying directly from the US.

      $240 markup isn’t that much if postage is included? If I were to buy these from somewhere directly in the US (Eastbay for example), they’d come up to about $230 AUD. $120 for the shoes + $40 shipping, which after converting to Australian dollars ends up being about $230. However, if the Australian dollar was higher like it was a few years ago, we’d be able to get an ever better deal buying directly from the US.

  4. The funny thing is that here in Malaysia schools make us wear all white shoes so no one ever wears all white here. In fact it is borderline despised here.

      1. Damn, didn’t know there were others! Hard to cop shoes here right? Especially with the whole markup and most brands (nike and adidas) discontinued importing basketball shoes so have to use third party (hip&hoop or hoop station) but they don’t mark up which is nice (well if you are in KL). You go somewhere to cop or just wait for the retailers?

    1. I always despised white when I was younger. probably because it was very common and the designs were very generic. now I love the C/W. because they look fresh and clean for casuals and because my work requires it. LOL.

      1. IKR have the same feeling but these days it kind of is resurging as it goes well with lots of looks but to me it all depends on the silhouette of the shoes since this c/w showcases the nuances of the shoe

    1. Damn that’s so much worth it especially for the price, thanks for the info, can’t wait for the review, can’t wait to cop

    1. At this point I have no idea since there is no official information as of now. However I don’t believe they will as often continental rubber has been only utilized on the D Lillard 2 and nothing else (shouldn’t make too much of a difference due to the way that humans don’t run 100mph but may affect outdoors durability though depends on the rubber’s durometer).

  5. I know this is a rare opinion, but it’s my opinion, I’m not thrilled with the look of these at all. I’m sure the full length Boost is a win however.

  6. I wish they can make an all black version soon with coloured Boost. I really want to wear something with Boost for work, but unfortunately the shoe needs to be All black.

    1. Apparently they did figure out a way to colour the boost but I have no idea if they will do it for this model (pray that Kanye will wear a c/w like like that though all the hypebeasts will resell) since chances are they will probably just still have a white midsole (use a sharpie?). Note that the only shoe that has boost and “coloured” (encased by eva) is a yeezy 350 and well…..you know the story.

  7. my anticipation for these is off the charts now! the next major decision in my life will be whether to cop these, the d rose 7 or crazy explosive. i’ll probably end up getting more than just one lol.

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