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Gelo Ball’s Big Baller Brand G3 Lux is Available for Pre-Order

The Big Baller Brand has officially unveiled the Gelo Ball G3 Lux.

The designer of the G3 Lux, David Raysse, has stated that this model is the return of the big-man power shoe. It’s something that’s been missing in the world of basketball footwear once brands started to follow the “lighter is better” trend.

With the sneaker featuring premium nappa leather and suedes, the G3 Lux is a high-top hoop shoe with an additional internal sleeve for a snug and secure fit. The tooling is the same as the Zo2.19 — a shoe with awesome traction and cushion built for any player on the floor.

There are three colorways available for pre-order with the shoes expected to start shipping between May 1 through June 1. Retail is listed at $179.

You may not like the LaVar. You may not like BBB. You may not like the price. But, after playing in the Zo2.19 over the past few months, I’m pretty sure there will be plenty of you that will love playing in the shoe — if you can get past the things you don’t like, of course.

via BBB

  1. I like the design AND the price. I hoped the original orange/white/black colorway, but the rwb colorway is a great consolation prize.

  2. Dude stop adding the “you may not like Lavar or BBB” nonsense.

    Yeah the guy was loud and a huge supporter of his 3 son’s basketball endeavors, but please tell me exactly what crimes he committed? None! That’s right, absolutely no crimes. He just represents an affront to your sensibilities, which is no crime at all.

    And if we’re being 100% honest here he’s actually a REALLY good person.

    Ever heard of the JBA? Yes it was to showcase his son’s talents first and foremost but guess what objective #2 of that project was?


    The Result: at least two of those kids in that extremely small league received actual professional contracts to play basketball in Europe. So minimum 2 kids went from the streets, doing basically nothing to a PROFESSIONAL basketball contract and being gainfully employed!

    I never hear this website talk about that. Or the fact that Lavar bought his gardener a brand new truck so that the man could improve the quality of his gardening business.

    Stop it with the negativity aimed at BBB and Lavar because other than being loud, he hasn’t done a single thing wrong!

    1. This is a prime example of people putting their own tone or spin on the written word.

      I don’t dislike Lavar. I’ve never met him. I don’t know him. Same goes for 99% of the people talking trash about BBB products simply because they’re biased against Lavar (for their own reasons). I’m in agreement with you.

      If you kept reading then you would have seen that I was simply talking about the product and how people might actually like them if they stop with their own personal bias/agenda against the guy.

      I’ve never been negative towards Lavar or the Ball family. Ever.

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