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A First Look at the Air Jordan XXX2 (32)

Continuing what the Air Jordan XXX1 started, the Air Jordan XXX2 pays homage to the Air Jordan 2.

Clearly taking design cues from the Air Jordan 2, the upcoming Air Jordan XXX2 reimagined the heel panel design and incorporated it onto a brand new knitted upper. The classic Wings logo also looks to make its first appearance on an Air Jordan flagship model for the second time since 1987’s AJ2.

Tech specs are currently unknown in terms of cushion and we’re all curious about the traction. Further details are sure to emerge sooner rather than later because, according to a source in retail that spoke with us on the condition of anonymity, the Air Jordan XXX2 is scheduled to debut October 18 for $185.

Let us know how you feel about the AJXXX2 being heavily influenced by the Air Jordan 2 and stay tuned for updates.

Image via @swish.supply

  1. Im A little disappointed that Jordan Brand keeps piggybacking off an original design. I wish they would do something new and unique for their top tear model. I design sneakers myself so it would be nice to see something original from a huge company like Jordan.

    1. So you want them to come up with their unique designs such as the super.fly ultra.fly, etc. etc. Plain and simple Jordan designers are TRASH. Freeze me up and wake me up when the Jordan XXX4 comes out 😛

  2. Didn’t WT mistakenly post these as the Westbrook signature model last week then removed the post?

    Is a Westbrook sig model still in the works? He’s the damn league MVP… it’s definitely time…

      1. Totally understand if you can’t, but are you able to report whether Westbrook is or isn’t getting a sig? Either way, thanks for everything you and the Weartesters crew does.

        1. I heard he’s gonna wear the 32’s in the beginning of the season then when all-star comes he’ll get his own sig.

  3. I’m waiting for October to pick these up. These and what would have been the BrandBlack J Crossover 5s are the only shoes I’m focused on this basketball season.

  4. These look like Alternate 2’s on roids. Looking forward to seeing the whole shoe. I have high hopes for these 🙂

  5. The AJ2 is one of my favorite shoes. I’m excited to see what the AJXXX2 will look like so far from what we can see the shoe looks like it will be fire. Must cop!

  6. From what I see so far im digging these. The AJ2 was my 1st pair of Jordans ever back in ’86-87, think I was like 9 or 10yrs old. Anywaz, the Jordan 2s are IMO very underrated in the AJ-line, just the look overall was very cool, simple, comfortable and look great on MJs feet watching him play. think he avg like 37 points a game that year too?…. 1st Nike Shoe ever (I believe?) not to have the Nike swoosh on it. Really looking 4ward to seein these XXX2’s …..crossin my fingerz!

  7. i think what we thought were the melo m14 are actually the jordan XXXII
    the back/heel section that carmelo anthony was wearing (all black colorway) looks exactly the same as this!!!!

    1. Yep. I went and found those pics on google in black/white and that back part is the same as what he was wearing from what I can tell .

    2. Your exactly right. Blowing up the melo picks on my tablet though the pair he’s wearing have laces all the way down that you can see. These look line they might be a hidden lace system which is why they look Nu Retro to me. They may have altered them slightly.

  8. I like how they are incorporating design cues from the “originals” in the newest. Progressing from the 1s to the 2s is promising. Hopefully the 33s take some cues from the 3s and so on and so forth. Pretty smart by Jordan Brand actually…..one way to get “sneakerheads” to buy the newest Jordans.

  9. I see flyknit. I have no reservation that this will likely be one of the best basketball shoes of all time. Jordan hit an absolute home run with the Air Jordan 31; cushion, materials, fit, and support (pretty), you name it! It was a performance beast except for the traction. If they make the zoom more responsive, and put better traction in; oh boy. Plus, again, they’re using flyknit instead of flyweave, which will likely turn out to be better. If they can improve lateral containment via a synthetic leather going up the fifth metatarsal, these can very well be the best shoe of all time. Heel containment and support looks bonkers. I can’t wait for this shoe. All hail MJ the goat. Fix the traction please

  10. “The classic Wings logo also looks to make its first appearance on an Air Jordan flagship model for the first time since 1989’s AJ2.”
    Didn’t the Air Jordan 31 have the wings logo on the medial side of both the mid and low top versions…? And didn’t the AJ2 release in 1987…?
    In any case, looking forward to the unveiling and detailed unbiased review from you guys.

  11. What strikes me is the finishing texture of the materials. Puts them in a new light. Based off the other spy shots, the shoe doesn’t necessarily look nice, but it looks cool — which is proper in Jordan fashion.

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