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First Impression: Jordan Son of Mars


No, you’re not dreaming… I figured that since I have started The Air Jordan Project why not try out a hybrid that combines some of the most iconic Air Jordan models in the history of the lineup. I realize I didn’t have the greatest experience in the Nike Zoom Rookie but those were a different breed of hybrid… a more creative hybrid whereas these are more of a copy and paste type of hybrid.

If you’re thinking I’ve completely lost it… I wouldn’t disagree with you, however, my curiosity has surpassed my potential stupidity.


Traction – They share the same midsole and outsole tooling as the Air Jordan V. The last time I played in a pair of Air Jordan V’s I was in High School so its been a while but from what I can remember they weren’t too bad… although that was 10 years ago so my feelings on the traction may have changed a bit since then. Overall, I think it” be suitable for on-court use.


Cushion – Again, same midsole and outsole tooling as the Air Jordan V so I assume the cushion setup will be the same as well. With a softer Polyurethane – slightly softer than the III & IV – along with a heel & forefoot Air unit they should be a bit better than what I’ve been experiencing with the Retro models prior to the V.


Materials – I actually like the materials while at the same time its pretty clear that the leather used isn’t quite performance grade. What I like about it that it’s soft and flexible so break-in time should be minimal or non-existent. The part I dislike is how thin it is… after lacing them up upon try on I could see the tension along the eyelets so hopefully I wont destroy these completely.


Fit – Going down ½ size is suggested if you want a good fit, especially if you plan on balling in them. Not sure why but Jordan Brand products as of late have been a bit on the long side… I get other brands in size 9 or 9.5 but with Jordan it’s usually been best with an 8.5. With that being said, I love how they fit once they are laced up and strapped. They feel very secure but not that whole cutting off circulation to your foot type of secure. Being that the ankle collar comes from the Air Jordan VI, they have a nice closed in feeling so I enjoy that as well.


Ventilation – The side panels feature decently sized perforations and actually allow for heat to escape while the tongue is mostly from the Air Jordan IV…


Mesh and large perforations can be found which again, allow heat to escape as well as some additional air flow.


Support – Most of the shoe is comprised of early model Air Jordan’s so the only real support offered to you comes in the form of the molded arch along the midsole and the overall height/ fit. The midfoot strap will provide additional lock down so you can consider that support in my book.


Overall, I actually think these will perform nicely. I’m not going to judge the materials as harshly as I would other performance models since I don’t feel as if Jordan Brand created these for on-court use. But as I said above… my curiosity is overwhelming… lets just hope it doesn’t get the best of me.

  1. Curious to see how this goes. But I have a good feeling that this will be much better than the Zoom Rookie’s as well. I got me a pair of Rare Air’s 2 years ago and they were heavy but nice to ball in, I felt planted while playing on the low post.

    1. Im curious as well. Im sure theyll be better than the rookie bc theyve just taken things from each shoe and put it together when the rookie was a completely new design. Ive heard good things about the rare air as well.

      1. Try to give it a try as well, and i’d have to agree with kevin88808 on a performance review on the 6 rings. I think those would be much better to ball in than this & the rare air’s. haha

        1. Yeah i think ill do the hybrids in between the models theyre comprised of. Just have to find a pair of six rings and spizikes now lol. Doubt ill do the dub zero though.

  2. why do u call this a hybrid? why is this sneaker so famous? son of mars, is ther anything to do with bruno mars? lol

        1. Its like the spizike part 2. Both the spizike and sin of mars uses all the sneakers that spike lee’s Mars Blackmon character were featured in: AJ3-6 plus Spike was in the AJ20 commercial as well but i think he was himself not a character.

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