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First Impression: Air Jordan VI (6) Retro


5 down and 18 to go… next up – the Air Jordan VI Retro.


Traction – I have played in a pair of Air Jordan VI’s before and I wasn’t too impressed with the traction. The solid rubber was fine but as usual I had issues with the translucent areas collecting dust and debris causing slipping. I’m expecting much of the same here so while I will remain hopeful I wont be holding my breath.


Cushion – This area is getting quite repetitive… The Air Jordan VI has the same midsole and cushion setup as the Air Jordan III, IV & V. Heel and forefoot Air units are in place and they are the same shape and size as the aforementioned models. If you’d like to see what the heel Air unit looks like you can check out the First Impression on the Air Jordan V Retro.


Materials – Each pair is fairly unique in their own way offering different materials depending on the colorway. The originals featured full grain leather on the white based pairs and the Black/ Infrared featured durabuck which is much more durable than nubuck. I actually dont know what the original Carmine’s used but this pair has a mixture of leather and a short cut nubuck… at least thats what it feels like so I’m not 100% sure if it is nubuck.

I prefer this setup because the leather sections will remain sturdy in games while the nubuck sections will require practically no break-in time.


Fit – These newer models fit fine casually but performance wise I’d prefer to wear an 8.5 & that isn’t an option this time around. I may opt to use a thicker insole just to avoid a potential injury but I will play in them as is for the time being until I feel its necessary to modify things. Other than that they feel nice once your foot is inside. The Air Jordan VI is the first to utilize a sleeve – first of the Air Jordan’s – so that’s something that most performance enthusiasts have come to enjoy when they are featured in their shoes.


Ventilation – The Air Jordan IV was the first to truly incorporate a functional source of air flow and the Air Jordan VI is where you can really see this in full force. Perforations are abundant throughout the upper and tongue & the best part is that they aren’t restricted whatsoever. Out of all the Air Jordan models from 1-23, the VI is the one that looks to offer the best ventilation and air flow.


Support – This section is also getting pretty darn repetitive as well. We wont begin to see true support until we get to the Air Jordan XI. The Air Jordan VIII has a very supportive upper with their dual cross straps but as far as having actual midfoot support, that will be something introduced a bit later on down the line.


Overall, most areas will most likely be much of the same while other areas already seem as if they have been improved upon from the previous models. While I wont be winning my first NBA Championship in the Air Jordan VI, I’m sure I’ll still thoroughly enjoy the experience & nostalgia of getting some on-court time in them.

In case you are wondering, I’m fully aware that I will be playing in a pair of Carmine Air Jordan VI’s… I’ll love every minute of it too.

  1. damn ive been looking for a pair of carmines forever and now youre going to play ball in a pair lol

  2. nice choice of cw on the VI’s to play in. can’t wait for the review on this. keep up the great reviews.

  3. Its a good thing you didn’t go with the Oreo 6s or some of the other recent retro 6s as the midsole was cardboard. lol.

  4. Those are my grails!! Had a pair of OG’s in 1991 (Infra reds). Wore them until they fell off my feet. Loved that shoe. Can’t wait for the review.

  5. What year are your Carmine’s and what year was the last retro 6 released? Hard to keep track of all the retros and their madly inconsistent quality between releases lol.

  6. Has nothing to do with this shoe, but does the adizero crazy light 2 have inner boot thing? Like the one found on the melo 8 or lebron 9?

  7. Actually the 8’s had a polycarbonate shank on them so that’s the first jordan with support in the sole

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