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First Impression: adidas adiZero Crazy Light Low


I hadn’t planned on reviewing the adidas adiZero Crazy Light Low but with so many people asking about them I figured I’d at least go check them out. That ended up with me walking out of the store with a new purchase as my curiosity typically gets the best of me.

Are there any significant changes? Find out after the jump…

Honestly, there isn’t that much that is different between the two versions. There were some changes but they are very small with the exception of the height. Instead of running through every aspect of the shoes potential performance, since I’ve already tested the higher cut model, I will just go over the changes made and then take them on-court.


Again, these are made strictly for the hardwood.


Obviously the height is the key difference between the two. While I never had expressed this in the Crazy Light review, I did feel that a lower cut model would have performed better as the higher cut didn’t offer enough heel lockdown. With the lower cut, they fit much better in my opinion.


You probably can’t see the difference, but the laces are thinner in the low model which I like. The lacing was difficult to fully lace in the higher cut version due to the thickness of the laces and the small circular eyelets along the eye stay.


A very small design change has been made on the toe box and I like this as well. The upper on the low is a one-piece while the high is a two-piece. With the addition material, the toe feels slightly sturdier… I strongly emphasize ‘slightly’.


The materials are a textile synthetic. It’s roughly the same thickness as the previous version but feels a bit stronger much like the adiZero Rose 2’s Sprint Web.


There is also a forefoot inner sleeve. Not really sure why this was utilized… only thing I can think of is to put another layer of material between your foot and the metal eyelets to avoid hotspots; it didn’t work if that was the idea behind it.


The higher cut model gave the wearer two insole choices whereas the lower cut only offers one. Usually you get a PU insole but these are just foam which is also inside of the adiPower Howard… I didn’t like how this felt so I removed it and decided to use the PU insole from the adiZero Rose 2.5 instead for a little more cushion.


That’s pretty much it… I’m hoping my curiosity doesn’t result in an ankle injury but who knows, these may end up offering a much better playing experience than the highs with the material changes and upgraded heel lockdown.

  1. Yo nightwing, whats up next on the performance list? when could we expect the Hyperenforcers/ Reebok zig encore reviews to be released? lol
    I KNOW you didnt forget about those did you??

    1. I have to get the adidas stuff done first. I have a method that use to get everything completed and uploaded and with so many shoes being reviewed, the unimportant ones get pushed back. Zig Encores aren’t worth your time though.

  2. Lol makes sense, they are now on sale even more so in a store in my area, 49.99, I was super curious and was about to get them. Still probably not worth it tho, My main concern was grip and cushion. Im guessing the howards shoes are the one your finishing up? thanks for responding!

        1. in any of the video from him, do u think he look like filipino, thers nt much asian ppl here, btw im malaysian

    1. Yes, i posted up a thread about them and a few other shoes that were avail at discounted rates a while back. Prob not going to end up reviewing them with so much on my plate as it is though.

  3. Curious to see if the lows are more stable and less prone to ankle sprain than the mids, though I doubt any changes to the SprintFrame were made to make it so.

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