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FILA 97 – Another Look

The FILA 97 continues to release everywhere but the U.S.

These were supposed to drop back in October, and have since been delayed. Not sure when they’ll ever hit Stateside, but if you were like me, and waiting impatiently, then here is another look to hold you over. Synthetics are used along the upper while FILA’s 2A cushion system is found in the heel. Traction looks good, if you were planning to take them on-court, and the build looks very close to the original.

Check out these new images and keep your fingers crossed that U.S. residents are able to purchase a pair soon.

FILA 97 - Another Look 1

FILA 97 - Another Look 2

FILA 97 - Another Look 3

FILA 97 - Another Look 4


  1. Wow. Seeing these shoes really takes me back. And makes me feel old. And reminds me of how awesome Grant Hill was back in his prime.

  2. Grant Hill is someone I could respect back in the day. He was a classy guy and a superb player. He definitely played the game the right way. He didn’t play a selfish brand of Basketball at all. I would have loved to have seen how far he could have gone if not for those injuries. A T-Mac prime Grant Hill combo could have been sick.

    As for the shoes, is that whole heel section 2A cushioning?

  3. I dont think there actually is a 2A unit in the heel.at least, not similar to the older/OG pairs. all i see is a red colored clear plastic. You should see the actual 2A unit inside of it – small hexagonal pieces that are joined together.

    1. I think they definitely changed the cushioning. if its like the 96 it wont be bad, its just not the same. definitely softer and not as responsive. I loved 2A growing up. I wish they would put it in there. this happens w/ most retros- no react juice in the aero jams, no feet you wear on the KB II. the tech isnt worth the cost to the the company. unfortunately most ppl dont know the difference and they dont buy them to play in. honestly I think the techs in the 90s were a lot more innovative and interesting. now it seems everything is about cutting cost and maximizing profit value even for the most expensive models

  4. The 2A system looks a bit different. I had these back in the day when they came out, and once they finally wore out, I took the 2A system out. It looks like they are using more of a foam now. It was a group of hexagonal shaped cells back in the day if I recall correctly. Either way, I’m looking forward to getting these again!

    1. I also have 2A from my fila/GH shoes kept somewhere. And yeah, they might have changed it similar to DMX ( now just foam instead of air chambers). But, i dont think they should still call it 2A ( maybe 2A foam just like DMX foam). Anyway, hope they’re as comfortable as the 96s.

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