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FILA 96 ‘Tradition Pack’ – Detailed Look & Review

The FILA 96 has had a solid run this year and their latest release featured an original colorway worn by Grant Hill in the ’96 All-Star Game.

I have been wanting to test these out for a while now and once I finish a few other things then they’ll be take care of. Until then, here is a detailed look & review on the shoe along with some additional information. I still can’t believe just how comfortable they are… insane cushion.

If you were interested in grabbing a pair, they are available now at FILA.com.

FILA 96 'Tradition Pack' - Detailed Look & Review 1

FILA 96 'Tradition Pack' - Detailed Look & Review 2

FILA 96 'Tradition Pack' - Detailed Look & Review 3

FILA 96 'Tradition Pack' - Detailed Look & Review 4

FILA 96 'Tradition Pack' - Detailed Look & Review 5

FILA 96 'Tradition Pack' - Detailed Look & Review 6

FILA 96 'Tradition Pack' - Detailed Look & Review 7

FILA 96 'Tradition Pack' - Detailed Look & Review 8

    1. Well, I think Boost is a diff beast altogether. This stuff is squishy and springy whereas Boost is not squishy but offers responsiveness. So, once you start playing the FILA might have too much squish whereas I already know from experience that Boost is just right.

  1. thanks NW. I remember these way back in ’96 and had them for a long time. these were extremely durable and quite have some weight on it, although I have to say that most shoes during those days were bigger/heavier the better mentality. the only exception were the airmax which were fairly new during those days and damn very light.

    I can’t exactly recall the cushion though except that they were comfortable and quite high to the ground. they do look or constructed like boots especially the sole looks really think and durable. also, the shoe design can be easily distinguished. ventilation though wasn’t great but who cares.

  2. from what I see, it seems the materials used are pretty much the same, except maybe the cushion which I can’t exactly remember and how they really felt like. I was more concerned of being Grant Hill.

  3. Thank you for posting this. I am now a happy owner of a fresh pair of the Fila 96’s. 90’s shoes’ comfort is so plush!

  4. Hi Chris! How good is this shoe performance wise, i have been looking for the review but i couldn’t find it. I hope you can answer.

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