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Expect adidas’s 4D Futurecraft Shoes in Full Size Runs Next Year

adidas Ix4d never made

Most of adidas’ 4D Futurecraft releases have instantly sold out and wound up on the secondary market at huge premiums (we’re talking thousands of dollars). However, those with large feet might have felt left out because past releases haven’t gone past a size U.S. 11.

Next year, it appears that adidas and Carbon will be able to produce the 4D Futurecraft tooling for sizes 4 to 14. According to leaker @py_rates, fans can expect a full size run of the adidas 4D Run in three colorways next year. And while sizing will expand, the shoe will retain its high $300 price point.

Initially, the 4D Futurecraft shoes were limited to size 11 due to the tooling’s lattice structure; sizes past 11 were not as stable and did not past wear-test standards, according to a source that spoke with WearTesters on the condition of anonymity.

Are you a size 11.5 and up and feel like you’re missing out on the 4D tech? Sound off in the comments below.

adidas 4d run full size run
Image via @py_rates

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