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Everything You Need to Know About the Jordan Super.Fly 2

I cannot wait to hoop in these!

Jordan Brand unveiled the Super.Fly 2 at the Jordan Take Flight event in Beijing on Tuesday. The second iteration in the Super.Fly line will be available nationwide on Aug. 1, for a suggested retail price of $140.

Wear-tested by Blake Griffin in early 2013, the Super.Fly 2 is inspired by Blake’s high-flying style. The shoe combines Jordan Brand’s exclusive Flight Plate technology with Dynamic Fit and Hyperfuse to provide extraordinary off-the-dribble explosiveness.

“The Super.Fly2 is by far the most responsive and most innovative shoe I have ever played in,” said Blake Griffin. “The way it fits coupled with the responsiveness of Flight Plate really helps me perform at the highest level possible every time I am on the court.”

The Super.Fly 2 follows the AIR JORDAN XX8 and the Jordan Trunner Dominate Pro as the third Jordan Brand shoe to incorporate the benefits of Flight Plate. Utilizing a Pebax® moderator plate to maximize the responsiveness of the Nike Zoom units in the forefoot, Flight Plate technology in the Super.Fly 2 is designed to redirect and redistribute the energy your foot exerts on the ground to give you the explosive lift-off needed to propel your game in every direction.

Also featured is the Dynamic Fit technology inspired by the AIR JORDAN XX8. Dynamic Fit uses internal straps to wrap up from the midsole and integrates with the laces for lightweight support that moves with the foot to reinforce side-to-side cuts and changes in direction. The outsole features an innovative new herringbone design for exceptional traction.

“We looked at every position from big men to guards when developing the fit and traction design of the Super.Fly 2,” said Jordan Brand’s Justin Taylor, designer of the Super.Fly 2. “No matter what position you play, you can be confident that this shoe will maximize your potential, helping you get to where you need to be on the court.”

The Super.Fly 2 also features Hyperfuse construction, which combines breathable mesh and durable construction to provide lightweight durability, ventilation and exceptional support.

The Super.Fly 2 will be available in the following colorways on Aug. 1.

– Cement Grey/University Blue – Gym Royal – White
– Black/Cement Grey – Dark Grey – White
– Green Glow/Blake Spruce – White
– Court Purple/Bright Citrus – Black – White
– Volt/Fire Red – Black – White

Jordan Brand and Blake Griffin Launch Jordan Super.Fly 2 1

Jordan Brand and Blake Griffin Launch Jordan Super.Fly 2 2

Jordan Brand and Blake Griffin Launch Jordan Super.Fly 2 3

Jordan Brand and Blake Griffin Launch Jordan Super.Fly 2 4

Jordan Brand and Blake Griffin Launch Jordan Super.Fly 2 5

Jordan Brand and Blake Griffin Launch Jordan Super.Fly 2

  1. if you had the choice…would get the jordan super.fly 2s or wait for the lebron 11s and then make your decision…but knowing you need new sneakers as soon as possible?

    1. yeah and theres a tpu plate on top so the heel cushioning’s gonna probably suck after a few wears. But I guess thats what a lower-tier shoe with a not so low price gets you.

  2. A couple of eBay sellers have the Supernova colorway for well below retail at $100. Both sellers are US based and seem legit.

    1. I found one seller that has them at $100, who is the other? Got a link to the second seller? The $100 seller seems legit (looking at their feedback).

      Are you going to buy a pair?

  3. These look excellent… as well as the CP3.VII — JB seems to be on the right track with performance models.

  4. I ain’t mad at no heel zoom. Just phylon in the heel does the job fine for me as long as it’s high-quality phylon.
    These also look pretty fly, pun intended.

    1. hey doublestackzoom looks like you should change your name to doublestackforefootzoom. Man I just want some single stacked heel zoom lol.

  5. Man, a forefoot zoom without any cushion below it is horribly wrong.
    I’m playing with my Soldier 6’s since last year and it keeps on hurting the ball of my foot like hell especially on hard landings. It’s worse compared to hypergamer low IMO.
    I’ll definitely buy if there will be a lunarlon forefoot and zoom heel setup in the future.

    1. eurostep09 try lebron 10 360max zoom will help for sure, i was wearing hyperfuse which only have forefoot zoom, heel has no zoom, then i swiched to lebron 10 , it felt like play with hyperfuse is like playing barefoot once i swich to LBJ 10

      1. @mike Thanks bro. I like your suggestion. Actually I’ve been thinking about purchasing LBJ X but I’m so reluctant that it won’t fit my style of playing since I’m just 5″9 and play the point guard position all the time, though I do post ups as well.
        Can tell more about the performance of the shoe please? Is it safe for my Eurosteps? >:D

        1. Eurostep09 i think you will do just fine with LBJ 10! Nightwing he wear LBJ 10 Elite to play his League game , and he is also a Guard。 that says a lot about the shoes, if that’s the shoes he choose to wear for a game that matters!!! more details about the performance review for LBJ10 please check out ” kicksoncount.com” oh you areadly here !! go to the search then type in lebron 10 then your should fine it

          1. @Mike.
            Thanks for your reply. It’s not that I don’t trust nightwing’s Perf Rev but I would just like to hear from other’s experience as well.

          2. i think this is what you need to think about before getting a LBJ 10! u wear Soldier 6′s before compare to LBJ 10 , lbj10 will feel it’s more high off the ground than S6, the cushion setup is much thicker than average shoes, if you jump a lot u will fell in love with the shoe b/c of the impact protection, but if you looking for a light weight shoes and flexibility this might not be good for you !! i do perfectly fine with LBJ10 when i do eurostep or wade likes to call 2 step ,also hop step will be great too which is a move that the knee will take a lot of presure when you do that move.BTW i am 6″2 190 and i do a lot jumping , block shot, reb,mid range pull up and attack basket

          3. no it’s not heavy and it is responsive. but heavy or not it’s depends on what other shoes u compares to, VS kobe8 yes it is heavier, vs hyperfuse , dont feel much different on my feet.

  6. Do you by any chance know the weight of these shoes? hopefully it’s below 12oz..seems like they’re going to be on your top 3 list very soon..cant wait..thanks!

    1. they are very light. not exactly sure if they’re under 12 ounces, but they weren’t that much heavier than the KD VIs that i tried in store.

  7. Easily one of the better looking shoes in quite some time. Looks like it’s gonna perform like a beast too.


  8. can’t wait for the release…anyways, nightwing I saw an image of the melo m10 and it looks good and has similarities with the jordan xx8, i think they will utilize the same cushion set-up with the flight plate.

    1. I’ve had images of the Melo M10 but there are things brands do not want leaked and I have respect for the companies so I choose to hold off releasing info until they give the go ahead. The images I have are way nicer that the crap floating around and the M10 will be one hell of an on-court model. Casually… not so much but on-court they’ll be good.

  9. Can you guys give me some insight on my situation? I play center and sometimes the 4. Should i wait for these or the hyperposites(assuming they will release a 2013/14 model) or get the latest hds now?

    1. HoopsBaller32 the answer to your quesions depends on the following!! 1. how tall are you and how much do you weight? if you are under 150bls 68KG any shoes with good ankle support (this on looks good also ) will be good for you, but if you are near 200bls or more then you need to consider this , do you jump and land on your forefoot or heel ? if you have good habit landing on your forefoot first then this one will be just great for you (cushion) however most poeple dont jump and land on their forefoot so having a good heel cushion will be very important . super fly 2 doesnt have a strong heel cushion , lbj 10 does , hyperposites does ,HD 2013 does(but doesnt last as good as air cushion) i hope this will help you decide

        1. durability wise the hds overall is good just the lunarlon does sink in over time that’s why NW say full length lunarlon will be better for HD

  10. I think my last comment was not posted, my apologies, maybe because of the link that i shared, anyways, nightwing, I saw a picture of the new jordan melo m10 and it resembles the midfoot and cushion set-up of the jordan xx8 with the flight plate, decoupled heel and forefoot, man i think it’ll be a beast on-court plus the shoe really looks good…

  11. Maybe getting the Melo 9 now at about $99 would be better than getting these at $140 simply because the M9 has zoom air in the heel?

    1. For sure. The m9 is a performance beast on the court. Heel zoom is on point. Forefoot zoom is not as big as the xx8’s but it gets the job done.

      1. M9 sounds like the way to go. JB has made a ton of colorways. Hopefully they’ll end up at the outlets.

  12. I think that these should have been the hyperdunk 2k13, too bad nike chose lunarlon over zoom, but luckily jordan brand came up with a better and a near perfect option…

  13. @matt i know where ypu live. You live in NY but i wont say the town. I dont want to give away too much information. I can tell cause i tracked you down.

  14. well, i wore the super fly 2 to play today…first thoughts are- the fit is probably the best that i’ve experienced since the air penny v and the melo m9, very plush, incredibly comfortable shoe.

    i have to say that i’m REALLY not used to the massive zoom bags in the forefoot, though, it just feels really weird landing on protruding, enormous zoom bags, perhaps i’ll get used to it in time. don’t get me wrong, they feel incredible, but most of the time i just felt really unstable. didn’t roll my ankle (though i came close once on a cut), but psychologically the fear was always there.

    to be honest, though, while i do like the responsiveness of zoom a lot, my preference really is for foam cushions…for that reason, you’ll find me playing in my hyperdunk 2012s (i have 4 pairs, that’s how much i like them) and CP3.VIs a lot more often than my lebron Xs, M9s and KD Vs…

    traction, as you may imagine, is nuts. that’s all for now, more later maybe.

    1. I also am not a fan of large volume zoom bags. I feel unstable as well. I get a rock side to side and and back and forth just dont feel connected with the court. I precer smaller volume articulated zoom with foam on top I still feel planted to the ground but bouncy with impact protection compared to these larger zoom bags. Always thought it was cos of my weight and i sink in the large zoom im about 250 lbs but maybe its not

  15. anyone could help me confirm if these are already in korea nike stores? thanks in advance. im in incheon right now and am very busy, will be leaving this afternoon.

  16. and yo your my homie jamflora but stop copying my name or i will hack your computer and call the police aight?

  17. My skin tone is light brown what color would look good on me? I really like the purple n citrus but not sure if they look feminine or weather they will suit me any suggestions?

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