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An Early Look at the Jordan Future

Bun B was able to get a pair of the Jordan Future and he discusses their comfort, fit and his overall feelings about the sneaker in comparison to some of the more classic Air Jordan models from the brand. Check out the video below and feel free the share your thoughts.

  1. I think these are a hit or miss. Kind of like abstract art

    Looks more like a dress shoe than a sneaker. I bet you’d look kinda funny if worn with gym clothes

    Maybe a good tuxedo or jean shoe, probably not good on the court tho

  2. so he said that they are the most comfortable pair he’s worn in a while, but he didnt mention trying on a model with unlocked zoom like a 28, melo 10, etc. so how do you think these will compare to unlocked zoom?

    1. Comfort depends on who you ask. Comfort for most people means the fit is comfortable. Cushion is different. These have the same midsole and cushion setup as the 11 so if he means comfort as in cushion then they’re only as comfortable as the 11s. If he’s talking about the way the upper fit and feels around his foot then he may enjoy these quite a bit.

      That’s my issue with people that say the Roshe is the most comfortable pair of shoes ever. There is no cushion so by that sense they literally can’t be the most comfortable. The mesh upper is like wearing a sock and what sock isn’t comfortable?

  3. whoa, what the heck is bun b doing on here? international players anthem (screwed and chopped), you’re on next…

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