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The Drop by @ChampsSports

The Drop® on ChampsSports.com curates original content focusing on sport, style, smarts and girls… works for me.

Press Release:

The Drop by @ChampsSports

Champs Sports is doubling down on its We Know Game® tagline this summer by launching The Drop®, a new blog developed in collaboration with Complex Media that lives on the newly re-launched ChampsSports.com.

The Drop is a first-of-its-kind blog within the sports apparel industry that features fresh, original editorial content seven days a week, focusing on what Champs Sports calls the “four pillars of Game” — style, sports, sound and smarts. Blog content will be created exclusively for The Drop by an editorial team from Complex Media, the premier multi-media platform targeting young male consumers.

“Champs Sports is treating The Drop with a show-and-prove attitude. We have long told our target consumer, the high school varsity athlete, that we know Game. And we’ve proven it in our stores, carrying the freshest apparel, sneakers and accessories. Now, we’re bringing Game directly to our core audience through The Drop,” said Scott Burton, Director of Marketing, Champs Sports. “Partnering with Complex Media gives us even more credibility and influence among young men who crave authentic content on all the things that matter to them.”

In addition to reactive coverage of sports, entertainment and fashion, The Drop will feature several regular series, including:

• Style Points – A celebration of athletes and entertainers who have taken their Game to the next level – and how they did it.

• She Got Game – A look at women in sports who set trends and lead by being unique.

• Schooled – An interview series focusing on athletes and entertainers reminiscing on past experiences, fashion, trends, sports, sneakers and more.

• Hear Me Out – Athletes share the most essential songs on their playlist.

• No Days Off – A look at how athletes train, eat, recover and prepare for the big game.

• The Prequel – A monthly overview of the most anticipated sneaker releases.

“With decades of experience in the publishing world, Complex Media brings unparalleled editorial credibility, authenticity and knowledge to the table,” said Aron Phillips, Senior Manager, Content Marketing, Complex Media. “Editorializing the sneakers and apparel available at Champs Sports turns release day into release week, while giving consumers the fodder to one-up their peers in the locker room.”

Visit The Drop at www.thedrop365.com

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