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Derrick Rose Gets Emotional at Rose 8 Unveiling in China

derrick rose d rose 8 unveiling oklai19 1

At the Rose 8 unveiling in China several days ago, Derrick Rose was brought to tears by a beautiful video from his fans (that honestly had me choking up a bit).

After everything Rose has had to struggle through — including the ridiculous hate he gets in America for anything and everything — hundreds of fans in China showed love with heartfelt messages via the video above. The fans praised Rose for never giving up and following his passions.

At the unveiling Rose signed kicks and jerseys, and showed off a unique black/gold version of the D Rose 8. It is adorned with personal messages all over the upper in gold and the right tongue flaunts a graphic of his face. There is no word on if this version will get a retail release. Shout to @weocia and @oklai19 for these photos.

The adidas D Rose 8 arrived Stateside early this weekend. Thus, we have official tech specs and pricing information for you.

Does the fan video choke you up? Are you excited for Rose’s latest signature? Can’t wait to see him back on-court? Let us know.

derrick rose d rose 8 unveiling weocia 2

derrick rose d rose 8 unveiling weocia 1

derrick rose d rose 8 unveiling oklai19 4

derrick rose d rose 8 unveiling oklai19 3

derrick rose d rose 8 unveiling oklai19 2



Photos via @weocia & @oklai19

  1. Always a big fan…first shoe I’ve ever bought drose 3, couldn’t afford one back in the day, just save money so I could buy ur signature shoe.. Always a big fan, now I’m wearing Drose 7 White & Red, still and now one of my favorite idols on and off rhe the court..

  2. “…including the ridiculous hate he gets in America for anything and everything…”

    I mean, he was cleared in his civil rape case, but wow, it was quite damning. The details both parties agree on are quite lurid and dangerous. So… it’s not too far fetched to figure out why a large portion of the population does not exactly like the guy, or at least does not trust him, off the court.

    1. To be honest I totally forgot about the case. I meant that he gets hate for switching teams, for getting hurt, for his kicks, for everything.

      I just read up on the case and I agree with you — whatever occurred it was quite unsavory and worthy of people’s distaste. Thank you for the reminder.

  3. the problem with rose, besides the horrible rape case that will forever leave a blemish on his character, is that he doesn’t really have the skills to be an effective role player now that he isn’t a ball-dominant number one option who comes at defenses at a hundred miles a second….he can’t shoot from deep AT ALL, he isn’t a good distributor, he’s also one of the worst defensive point guards out there….he is, however, still really good at getting in the lane and hitting from midrange, but does that alone make him an effective contributor on the floor? i don’t know…..

    but yeah, i feel you on the hate for his kicks, i know lots of people who wouldn’t touch adidas basketball purely because rose was injured all the time, these are the same folks who wear nothing but boost basketball shoes now though….dudes were laughing at me for wearing the crazyquicks, the rose 2,3,4,5, etc, when it was plain to see that they were all amazing basketball shoes

  4. For me he gains my respect for never letting his injury make him quit the game,

    Positive encouragement goes a long way in a persons life, great job people in china for that video!

    The D ROSE 6, best Basketball shoe for me!

  5. I agree about the rape case. Ik people going to hate on me for saying it, but Kobe was involved in a civil rape case as well.(Quickly Kobe is my fav player, so I’m not trying to be disrespectful to either.) Now the details of that were different, yet his verdict was similar. He lost a lot of contracts after that. Now I ain’t saying Rose shouldn’t be held accountable, but I think it’s an interesting dynamic. What if Kobe was injured earlier during this time, would he receive the same level of distain? Just a curveball and some good for thought.

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