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Damian Lillard Explains Why His Signature Shoe Won’t Have Boost

adidas D Lillard 1 - First Look

You WearTesters readers really let your opinion be heard in the comments section of first look at the D Lillard 1, Damian Lillard’s first signature shoe. You guys talked about concerns, what the shoe looks like, but mostly, why the shoe doesn’t utilize the adidas Boost technology. The Trail Blazers digital reporter, Casey Holdahl caught up with Damian Lillard addressing all those concerns including the Boost topic:

“You see some people have come out with shoes and they didn’t want their shoes to be expensive … That was big for me,” said Lillard. “I really like the Boost in the shoes I wear now, but the shoe would have been, I think, a lot more expensive. I think like $50 or $60 more expensive and I didn’t want it to be that way. I wanted it to be at a reasonable price, especially for my first shoe. The crowd that I really want to be able to wear my shoe, I want them to be able to afford it.”

Lillard also goes into the comparisons of the D Lillard 1 to other sneakers, as well as his thoughts behind the logo. Check out the full article HERE.

Let us know what you think of the sneaker in the comments, now that you know the back story behind it. Did Lillard’s interview change your mind on how much you like the adidas D Lillard 1?

  1. Real reason is Drose already has full boost; Crazy Light has heel boost; Adidas needs guys like Wall and Lilliard to promote their budget options. I don’t really think Lilliard has much say into these marketing decisions until he is more known in the NBA.

    1. The fact that Wall and Howard both have lower tier signature sneakers leads me to believe that Lillard is telling the truth. He wants the shoes to be cheap (at least for his first shoe), and I would assume (based off of his massive contract) that later signature sneakers will include Boost.

      Just my two cents.

    2. They are going to be organically growing the Lillard brand with his young audience. As the consumer grows with the player, the prices and tech/ performance features will too. Nike did it with KD and adidas will with Lillard & Wall.

  2. I’m a big lillard fan and even bigger blazer fan but, I’m disappointed by the silhouette of this shoe. Also add to the fact, that the technology for this shoe isn’t all that. I guess I was expecting more from a guy that signed the third largest shoe contract

  3. I was expecting Boost and disappointed it’s not there, I’m loving the boost in the Rose 5’s. I would have copped but am now not going to as they don’t include Boost.

  4. Having them claim they didn’t want the latest tech to keep the cost in check is a BS marketing move to help the athlete save face, look like a nice guy, and rationalize them marketing a lower tier product. ALA Kevin Durant for Nike when he first got a sig. I dont doubt those guys would like to have underprivileged people have the ability to buy their product (both seem like genuinely nice guys)….. but that’s not the #1 reason or the reality of the situation.

    As for the shoe…… No thanks. F.U.G.L.Y

  5. they are so like Way of Wade… same look… this is just marketing , when he sells all of his non expensive shoes , next line is going to me 60 $ over that price … we dont know also how drose 5 with full length boost perform …

  6. I’m not really interested in the shoe if it doesn’t have Boost. Plenty of better options around IMO.

    If Damien Lillard is telling the truth and that he, and he alone wants people to be able to afford his shoes and Adidas isn’t forcing this on him, then I guess I can’t fault him for that.

  7. I think it’s funny that boost is relatively new to the basketball market it’s only been out for a few months and now everyone expects every adidas shoe to contain boost. Not every nike contains full length zoom or full length lunarlon. they mix it up so people can have options. Pocket zoom, heel zoom or lunarlon. Lots of options. Not everyone is all in on the boost. Plus full adiprene would be just as good in my opinion. I personally think the shoe looks great.

      1. No one said it was the same. But if your getting a reasonably priced shoe that’s a sig by the way and it’s way cheaper just cause it doesn’t carry boost tech I don’t understand why everyone thinks it’s a bullsh*t move by adidas or lillard. You don’t introduce a new tech and immediately put it on everything you make. You give people options. Basic business. Appeal to the masses.

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