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Damian Lillard Confirms Boost Will Not Be Coming to His Signature Line

adidas Dame 3 Oakland High weight room 1

Damian Lillard has vision for his sneaker line, and unlike many athletes before him, he’s sticking to a lower retail price point than most athletes of his caliber.

When asked in a tweet why Boost hadn’t come to Lillard’s signature line, the Portland Trail Blazer answered bluntly:

Since its inception, Damian Lillard’s signature line has remained at the $105-115 price point. After a rocky first start, the subsequent two models have outperformed some of the most expensive basketball sneakers the industry has to offer, making good on Lillard’s promise of providing an affordable sneaker that worked.

Moreover, Lillard has given back to the city that raised him, Oakland, in more ways than just an affordable hoop sneaker. Last year, he unveiled — to hundreds of students from Oakland High School, his alma mater — upgraded facilities including improvements to the school’s gym and weight room, a miadidas customization setup, and a brand new state of the art recording studio for the music program.

Do you salute Lillard for sticking to his guns or long for Boost in a Lillard sig? If you’ve been playing the Lillard 3 you may think, like us, that Bounce works — we’ll keep the $115 price point.

You can read our adidas Dame 3 performance reviews for more information.

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  1. Have never played in any of his three signature shoes due to my foot shape(wide footer + in-toeing) and , well, adidas’ notorious sizing issues, even though I really want to try them out.

    I’m not his fan but dude is a killer on the court. I learn a lot of moves from him. Just happy to see a guy never forget his root. Nothing but tons of respect for Lillard.

    1. He has a lot of off court story that you should check out. He also pretty good in the rap game. His song will be featured in NBA 2K18

  2. Good for Dame! Keep stickin to your way of helping your community. I’m hoopin in the dame 3 currently, and after 2 years of Boost shoes it’s kinda nice having the springy/low/quickness of the Bounce setup in the Dame 3.

    I still rotate in a boost setup shoe (like Rose 6) whenever my knees are feeling a little extra worn. But I feel a very slightly delay in responsiveness compared to the Dame3, tho that could just be b/c of lots of miles on the Rose vs relatively low miles on the Dames.

  3. Who else remembers when Durant’s kicks started out at $85 because he wanted his shoes to be affordable, and then they doubled in like five years?

    1. Yeah given what Nike is paying him and that he’s their number 2 guy now, those aren’t dropping anywhere near $85 again.

      Who remembers when Chris Webber left Nike because they were charging more for his shoe than they were for the Jordan 10s?

  4. The Dame 3 is the first low top sneaker in my life. And I must say I really enjoy playing in that shoe, even though I’m a big guy and play in the post ALL of the time. For my league games I stick to the D Rose 6s and Hyperdunk 2016s but for everything else the Dame 3 are more than fine.

  5. Ive played in one boost shoe (D Rose 6) and one bounce shoe (Lillard 2). I prefer bounce, based on that. The Rose 6 feels good but I also feel slow in it. The Lillard 2 is just right. Don’t need boost in every single major Adidas bball shoe either. Have some variety.

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