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Court Grabbers Review

We finally have another performance product review and it’s on Court Grabbers – instant traction for your shoes.

Not only does the product work but its not going to harm or damage your sneakers. It’s just a thin plastic piece that easily attaches to your lacing system and you can achieve maximum traction anytime you need it while on the floor. No, it won’t work if your soles are worn out… this is more of a cleaner rather than a magical liquid that makes your shoes sticky.

The only critique that I have is that I can’t control the amount I use as well as I’d like to so those of us that are unable to squeeze the bottle light enough – this likely just includes me – a smaller hole at the nozzles tip would be useful. Other than that, the product has held up well and works much better than I anticipated.

If you’d like more information or would like to purchase a set then head over to CourtGrabbers.com.

  1. Hmm, so spend $250 on a pair of shoes and then cover them with a big piece of plastic that applies honey to the bottom of your shoes?! PASS!

      1. Um no, Nightwing said “this is more of a cleaner rather than a magical liquid that makes your shoes sticky”.

        You’re telling other people to pay attention, yet it doesn’t seem that you even read the article by NW.

    1. I don’t think it makes your shoes last any longer. It just cleans the outsole of your shoes so you get get optimal traction whenever you need it. It won’t help shoes that have worn down or worn out traction.

  2. very cool product. I may not buy it but love the innovation and the product really makes sense. very well thought out

  3. Dude, you lick your hands then wipe the bottom of your shoe!? You animal! If push comes to shove a light raspberry to the hands should work. Really, lick your hands. That’s nasty.

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