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Complex Ranks the Air Jordan 1-XX8

Which Air Jordan is your favorite?

Russ Bengston of Complex Sneakers has shared his list featuring his most coveted J’s and ranking them on his personal best to worst list. Check out the article – HERE – and see where your favorite Air Jordan ranks. If you disagree with the placement (which you should since everyone has their own preferences) then come back here and share with me what your list would be.

Rank every Air Jordan below from your least favorite to your most favorite. Maybe I should share mine as well… I’ll leave a comment in a bit after I’ve decided.

  1. that list is as true as translucent outsoles performing better than solid outsoles. the air jordan 2012 are the best

      1. Outdoor surfaces sorry forgot the rest of the joke my bad and I have a question ice09 I’ve seen you post comments and your sneaker knowledge level seems really really high like Nightwings level do you make review videos?

      2. Hold on I meant that the list is as true as translucent outsoles performing better than solid outsoles on clean courts

  2. Who can honestly say that they have owned all 28 pairs?

    Of course this list would be more of a style perspective than a performance one. Look at where the xx8 landed.

    Nightwing the shoe that inspired your channel is placed damn near rock bottom at #27.

    List all 28? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

    Top 5:

      1. ^^^Freak of Nature lol

        Funny thing is that I’m old enough to have owned all OG pairs, but somewhere along the way I lost interest in collecting shoes in general. I think I stepped away after the XIII until the XX8. The opportunity in retros is a better idea than I had originally thought.

        Sad confession: I don’t ever remember hooping in any of my Jordans back then because they were too fresh and more like a luxury item. I’d get the Jordans and then hoop in beaters. Balling in the xx8 today makes one wonder what was missed out back then.

        1. I own 25 out of the 28 and you missed some good tech stuff for the times. To me Jordan’s were the shoe that killed every shoe because of the tech advacements Nike made. That’s why I love kicksoncourt!

  3. I’m kinda in the same boat as you, dimeslinger, I’m 29 and have played in the AJs 12-19, as well as the retros that were available when I was growin up (my favorites being the 6s and the 8s, both the highs and the lows). I actually stopped playing ball and purchasing shoes altogether until around 2010, before discovering NW’s reviews in 2011…it’s always been nice to know that NW’s story is vaguely similar to mine, ha…
    Anyhow, I’ve ALWAYS played in my Jordans, they were always packed with the latest tech, and I’d wear each pair into the ground playing in every weather and on any surface…even today I don’t really get why people treat basketball shoes as fashion items, but oh well…

    1. @KicksonCourt forever: It just sounds like Pops needs some lotion lol. I am one of the lucky ones being the exact same body type from high school. Not too mention my vertical is till up there too. I put my record on Instagram #Nikeplus Basketball.

      @Tadatsune: When my parents were buying my shoes, I knew that they wouldn’t understand me obliterating $100+ shoes so quickly. If they did, then their logic would be to not buy me anymore expensive shoes that I would just run into the ground anyways. I translated this message from another similar lesson that I learned from them. Well cheers to buying and balling in whatever we want these days.

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