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Check Out This Unreleased Air Jordan 32 Sample

unreleased air jordan 32 sample 1

The Air Jordan 32 could have looked a lot different, and much more like the Air Jordan 2.

Some had been expecting a bit more of an homage to the Air Jordan 2 on the Air Jordan 32. The leather at the 32’s heel wasn’t luxurious or Italian, but this sample, shot by photographer Kenneth Dixon, definitely gets it right.

Details like the smooth white leather upper of the Air Jordan 2 and its recognizable plastic eyelets have been preserved on this Air Jordan 32 sample. The shoe rides atop the Air Jordan 32 tooling and a solid traction pattern.

Would you buy a premium leather Air Jordan 32, one that more obviously pays homage to the Air Jordan 2? Let us know in the comments below.

UPDATE 11/8: According to Frank Cooker, this shoe has been dubbed the Air Jordan XXXII NRG Lux.

unreleased air jordan 32 sample 2

unreleased air jordan 32 sample 1


Photos via @kennethldixon

  1. I think it looks awesome, but I have a tendency to ‘baby’ my leather J’s. So much that I rarely wear them, much less play in them – mainly to minimize creases. With the 32 and it’s flyknit upper, I dont have to worry about creases or anything like that.

  2. lol, how many times is Nike going to try and remake the 2?! Being able to speak frankly about Nike’s dumb assed bullshit on this site is refreshing, without worrying about one of Nike’s sycophantic legion waiting to snitch to a moderator about “negativity”.

  3. Only reason I like it is because it can probably deal with a beating better than the regular 32’s when it comes to casual wear.

    The mid/forefoot does seem kinda bland. Not really working that “less is more” approach of simplicity for me.

  4. They’ll do a AJ2 OG colorway in the 32….probably will drop after the first of the year to keep interest in the shoe. How could they not? I’m waiting for the white/red/black version myself. For those hating on this shoe, it’s obvious that you have never worn a pair. They are good. Very good.

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