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Buyers of the $1000 Signed BBB ZO2 Prime Remix Didn’t Receive Everything They Paid For

Big Baller Brand has fulfilled all of its orders of the redesigned ZO2 Prime but some customers haven’t received everything they paid for.

At the time of pre-order, there were two options available; a pair of ZO2 Prime’s for $495, or you could take things up a notch by paying $995-$1195 for a signed pair of Lonzo Ball’s first signature shoe. Along with the shoes, each order was to receive the following, according to the BBB website:

“Each pair of ZO2: WET’s will be PERSONALLY AUTOGRAPHED by Lonzo Ball, and come within a clear acrylic enclosure, with cool white LED lighting.”

The customers we spoke to have received the shoes and certificate of authenticity, but the clear acrylic case with cool white LED lighting is missing.

Customers have reached out to the Big Baller Brand but it doesn’t seem like anyone has gotten a response just yet. To some, this could look like false advertising, especially after the brand already changed the original design of the shoe after orders had been placed.

Let us know what you think of the situation and share how you’d handle the situation if you were in charge of BBB.

Images via @Sneakersnake12 and @Sal14xl

  1. Maybe they can compensate with a shirt or something, but for $1000 I’d be wanting what I paid for.

    But that LaVar autograph tho.

  2. Each person who bought it could send in a name, any name of someone they hate, and Lavar Ball will personally insult him/her on television.

    1. Oh no they got that and then some, Lavar is a marketing dream. Playing the heel role, his bringing them so much heat.

      Hell if I was a booker I’d have him vs Luke Walton as the main event at summer slam.

      1. So they took Lonzo in at number 2, who is supposed to be the best player since MJ or even greater, just for merketing purposes? It’s not like they were bleeding for ticket sales.

        1. Who said he’s supposed to be the best player since MJ? Nobody, other than Lavar – who doesn’t count.

          Lonzo is a talented young player with a lot to work on. Unfair to judge a PG that’s 19 years old. It’s going to take a few years.

          1. LeBron was 19 when he was drafted and he came out swinging.kobe was 18. There’s no excuses for ball. Ball is a bust.

          2. Too soon to tell, when you look at
            Balls college footage he was used more of a wing creator instead of a main pg.

            So if he still can’t learn the ropes by next year then he”s a bust

          3. so you are basically saying that they used the number 2 pick on a project? A couple of years really? Lol Ok then

          4. Lol, so because he’s not as good as Lebron was at age 19, he’s a “bust”? That’s ridiculous.

            Kobe didn’t even start his rookie year and averaged 7 points per game.

            Curry made his first all star team in his 5th season at age 25.

            But yeah, “bust” two months into his rookie season at age 19. Learn the league a little better, my man.

          5. So you’re saying every number 2 pick gotta be a star from day 1? But ummm…Russell and Ingram weren’t. So how’s that work?

            “Project” – He’s a starting PG and averaging 7 assists and 7 boards. It’s not like he’s doing nothing or sitting the bench.

            Giannis averaged 7 ppg his rookie year at age 19. Any of y’all actually follow hoops? Most guards don’t do much until they’ve been in the league a few years.

          6. was Giannis a Top 2 pick? Giannis with his limited minutes in his rookie season performed better than Lonzo playing atleast 30 minutes a game.

            and if both guys were on the same draft class, basing on “potential”, I’d pick Giannis.

            anyway, feel free to dream about Lonzo becoming a Superstar or even a star like Giannis. when you are wrong, We wouldn’t throw an egg on your face and say I told you so, you bonehead. We’d just let you fade into oblivion knowing that it doesn’t pay to be like Lavar.

          7. Oh yea pick wise at 2, Ball is a gamble. I’d say Dennis Smith Jr instead would be better.

            that said whether he’s a bust or not again too early, there making him play a different role from college at nba speed, that takes season or 2 to acclimate. Then you’ll see

        2. Show me a RELIABLE source who compared him to MJ. Lonzo is compared to Jason Kidd. I like Lonzo’s game so far for a rookie other than his shooting. But Fultz went number 1..and Sixers even traded an asset + their pick for a guy they would have gotten at third either way. This has to be the first time where the first 2 players picked in a draft has an ugly looking shot or free throw.

  3. buyers had it coming. should have used their heads rather than believing the overhype. I don’t feel bad if they got screwed over.

  4. @john. Its not about the league kobe or lebron. Its about the level of hype and the words written. He doesn’t live up to it and never will. He’s weak all around even for a rookie. Look at the kid when there’s a dead ball and he’s on court. He doesn’t even look like he wants to be there. He’s a bust for the lakers plain and simple.

    1. Nope. Way too early to say that. His numbers are pretty similar to rookie year Jason Kidd’s (to whom he’s often compared for his court vision, rebounding, and weak jumper) and Kidd was 21.

      Also just because his dad runs his mouth and he gets a lot of media attention doesn’t mean we judge him differently than other rookies. He’s 19. Everyone that watched him should’ve known he wouldn’t be an instant star when his jumper is broke. Plenty of potential and plenty of time though.

      1. that’s just your optimism buddy. but so far, among the draft picks in his class, he’s a bust compared to them. you can hope all you want, but he won’t be a star as his dad hyped him to be. he’d be an average NBA player at best. the showtime circus is a joke and never was there since Day 1. the only good thing that came out of the draft is Kuzma. I can only imagine where the Lakers would be if Kuzma wasn’t there balling every game compared to the “oh he’s just a kid” big baller.

        on the otherhand, how did Porzingis earned his current reputation? oh yeah, he was Balling even if Stephen A. was roasting him alive til he made him shut up. so far, Lonzo proved nothing to silence his critics. NOTHING !

        1. Kuzma is 22, champ. I already named all kinds of guards that took time….because they all do.

          I’m not disputing you predicting that he WILL be a bust. That’s your opinion. Cool.

          I’m taking issue with calling a 19 year old rookie a bust two months into their rookie season.

        2. By the way, Giannis played 25 mpg and was not very good as a rookie. 7 ppg, 4 rpg, poor defense and shot 41% as a 6’11 guy! Like most 19 year olds, he wasn’t good yet. Now he’s one of the best in the game. The excuse making for players you like vs. jumping on Ball because you don’t like his dad has been duly noted! Lol.

      2. I’m looking at what he does when he plays and when he’s not. I don’t see passion, or drive. I see someone who quickly came to realize the NBA doesn’t care. What your name is or how loud your dad is. He’s self defeating. He’s done.

  5. Everyone has the right to spend their money on whatever they please. I personally never would have bought them, but if I had, I would have been upset as soon as they changed the silhouette from what was advertised.

  6. @Napmen – Dennis Smith Jr. is struggling badly too. His team is worse, his overall numbers are worse. It’s like some of you just look at ppg. His shooting hasn’t been good either. And he’s a gunner who gets few assists, doesn’t rebound, and struggles on defense. Like many young guards Smith has a long way to go. At least Lonzo passes.

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