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Brandblack Phantom Mid Collection at Packer Shoes


The good folks over at Packer Shoes have the entire Phantom Mid collection from Brandblack available now.

Brandblack is steadily creeping up peoples radar, and for good reason. Their tech and overall style are catching the attention of a lot of people including the crew over here at WearTesters.com. While Brandblack‘s website sells all of their models, their overall exposure has been pretty bleak, but Packer Shoes looks to change that by having three colorways of the Phantom Mid available for purchase. Making use of soft natural Nappa leather and key tech from Brandblack including their cushion setup Jetlon, this on court option is quite intriguing. If you wanted to know more about how the Phantom Mid performs, check out John’s performance review here.

You can pick up the Brandblack Phantom Mid Collection at Packer Shoes now for $140.

Have you experience Brandblack yet? If not, what is holding you back? Let us know in the comments section below.
















  1. Hey Nightwing, when their new shoes come out next year, where would international customers be able to buy them from?

    Brandblack’s website says they don’t ship internationally. Any chance you could ask them that question next time that you talk to them?

    1. Not sure. I know they’ll be in Finish Linr stores, but since they’re so new I wouldn’t expect anything international just yet. They’re still very small in the market so retail presence is uncertain at this point.

  2. I have a pair of the brandblack phantom lows, and the performance was “ok”. The leather is really soft and required virtually no break-in time, but at the same time its not very durable. The biggest issue i had with them was the heel counter. It was far too flimsy for me. Im a bigger guy (210 lbs) and on my gathers to jump i would just push through the heel counter and fall over the side of the sole. I think that i would be slightly more contained in the mid version.

    1. Not to be rude, but 210 lbs and what height/shoe size? Nothing wrong with losing weight instead of expecting products to do things for you that they aren’t designed to do.

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