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Brandblack is Overseas Testing the Rare Metal 2 and a New Foam

brandblack rare metal 2

Those worried that Brandblack is out of the basketball market can rest easy; the brand is overseas working on the Rare Metal 2, and it uses a brand new foam.

Brandblack’s founder David Raysse is overseas at his company’s factory in Dongguan, Guangdong, China field testing SC foam in the Rare Metal 2. According to an earlier post of Ryasse’s, the Rare Metal 2 will be using SuperCritical Jetlon; some specs include a resiliency of 75 and a specific gravity (a ratio of density) of .19.

With developments in the basketball line coming soon, expect to see the latest and greatest from Brandblack in the Ball family’s upcoming sneakers through the Santa Ana label.

What do you hope for in the Brandblack Rare Metal 2? Let us know in the comments below.

It also appears that the WearTesters x Brandblack Rare Metal is getting love overseas…

brandblack rare metal 2 david raysse

brandblack rare metal 2


Photos via @brandblack / @draysse

  1. Raysse and Brandblack will always have my attention. Love what he/their team works up from bball to training and lifestyle.

    Some of their hoop models have worked beautifully for me, raptor lows, JC 2.5 lows. The Rare Metal is so close to being legendary for me, but the traction troubles for me just really kill it… it just doesn’t hold up on courts that I play on.

    Curious about the new gen of Jetlon. Please say traction will be reliable 😀

  2. Numbers may technically be true, but they’re arbitrary until they’re tried out. He didn’t give us those numbers on previous foams, but other stuff like 40% lower, etc. Whatever, marketing.

    I’m still a big fan of BrandBlack because they’ve nailed something almost every year. I think the only real exception was the Delta. We didn’t even get a review on that. But the RM was pretty solid, and very cool that Raysse is addressing the one thing that could be improved upon: the tooling. Traction did need some help.

  3. Man, they need to sign more talent so they can grow. They could use someone with superstar potential, most cats still don’t know about the brand. Was hoping John Wall would sign with them. Don’t want them going obsolete…

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